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International Meet

St. Charles, IL
June 23-26
Details to follow
St Charles 2015 Meet

International Meet

Colorado Springs, Colorado
June 24-27, 2014
Click here for Photos of the meet

Lexington Meet advert

Third ROA Australia Regional
Bathurst, New South Wales.
May 22-26, 2014

For information of this event click here

June 2014 Hemmings Muscle Machings Cover

SE Regional Group Photo4th ROA Southeastern Regional
Asheboro, NC

May 15-17 2014, Thirty two ROA members and their guests gathered in Asheboro, NC, for the 4th ROA Southeastern Regional. The event included local tours and a Saturday show with 21 Rivieras from every generation. For details, photos and award winners, click here.


Buick Bonery Shutting Down

The Buick Boney in Sacramento, CA has just been given a 30 day notice and on Aug 15th all his cars will be crushed. Still in his yard are 1964, 65, 66, 70 72, a running 73 and plenty of boattail parts. If interested contact Mike Hogan now at or 916-599-3934.

Crushing Extended until Sept 16th.

Hemmings Motor News
August 2014
1966-67 Buyers Guide

Available now on your newsstands is the current issue of Hemmings Motor News, which features the 1966-67 Riviera on the cover and  in a six page Buyers Guide with photos, stats and prices.

Hemmings August 2014 Cover

Hemmings Muscle Machines
June 2014
"Personal Luxury Powerhouse"

Soon to be released is the June issue of Muscle Machines with an interesting and informative six-page article on a 1966 GS. I suggest checking your local book store before they sell out. If you miss out go to

June 2014 Hemmings Muscle Machings Cover

Rivieras For Sale
On-line Classifieds
For a list and details click here

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