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National Meets—in Retrospect Jason Zerbini #775, President, Board of Trustees jzriv@windstream .net I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season and those in The Riviera Owners Association (ROA) is a non-profit cor- the snow-belt are well prepared for the worst that Old Man poration dedicated to the preservation, restoration, pro- Winter may have to offer. motion, and enjoyment of the Riviera built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. The ROA I used to keep count of the national ROA meets I’ve attended. is independent and is not affiliated with General Motors Now I don’t care to think of it because it reminds me of the aging process. In years or its Buick Division. past, if I didn’t drive the Riviera to the meet it was because it was too far away Board of TrusTees and/or I couldn’t get time off for an extended road trip. With my ’66 being out of President commission for restoration (soon into year five), driving a Riviera anywhere has Jason Zerbini #775 been mission impossible. Having a road-worthy Riviera practically since age 16, it’s 724-468-5923 (PA) enlightening not having one to drive. Attending meets and listening to stories from jzriv@windstream .net owners who drove their cars triggers memories of my own driving experiences to nationals and regionals. I realize how much I miss the adventure. After the 2014 Vice President Ed Raner #279 meet in Colorado Springs, I received an email from member Len Goldschmidt who 913-422-1527 (KS) had driven his ’67 from California. Len summed up the experience brilliantly: eeraner@kc .rr .com “I had a great time at the meet, even more so than the first one I attended in 2012. secretary It seems like the journey to/from the meet in the vehicle adds so much more to the Darrell Ingold #1237 entire seems to be the purpose for which these cars were created. It’s 631-220-3239 (NY) not just about some niche collector’s club, or some contemptuous display of opulence. darrell .ingold@yahoo .com It’s about a specially designed vehicle with a high level of power, class, and integrity Treasurer which withstands the test of time, and brings people together to special and memorable Bob Norton #257 places. The things I’ve learned while wrenching on this ’67 for the last 20 years with 815-280-5076 (IL) my friends, I carry around forever. The motor vehicles being produced in today’s era mocarguy@aol .com don’t allow for any such experience, and that is a shame for those who do not know. Trustee The longer I drive and maintain this machine, the more I learn and grow, the better I Randall Crain #5360 feel...almost as if it prolongs my youth.” 336-431-3854 (NC) roa5360@aol .com All the best to members and friends in 2015. Hope to see you and your Riviera in emeritus St. Charles, IL from June 30—July 3. Jim Wright ROA #2 480-982-3044 (AZ) Detshoefly@aol .com improve with Age ediTorial & office sTaff By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor director/editor ray@rivowners .org Ray Knott ROA #1 303-952-0239 (CO) Ray@rivowners .org As we enter our 31st year, membership has held steady around office Manager 2,900. That’s good! But we realize that as our members’ age and Joann Birsa #10520 sell their cars, we need to appeal to the new owners, a younger 303-233-2987 (CO) generation of car collectors. We realize that the strength of any Office@rivowners .org car club is what it can offer to its members. Web Master As we enter a new year, I reflect on the past 30 and how it always has been our goal Mike Vogt #11541 to provide helpful information to our members. We constantly strive to provide a Graphic design personal touch by assisting owners through technical articles, assistance from advi- Michelle Finney #13998 sors and sources in our classifieds. We have expanded our website with current www .finneycreative .com news, hot new classifieds and access to 30 years of past Riviews. As Editor, I seek to MeMBershiP fill each Riview with useful and interesting information with the support of those Membership in the ROA is on an annual basis; new members whose bylines you see frequently. I welcome suggestions for new features as well receive the current issue and five succeeding issues. Annual as your tips and technical advice. membership is $30 (USA) and $40 (outside the US) payable in In addition to the content, I want the Riview to be of the highest quality possible. checks drawn on a U.S. bank, Visa or Master Card. A renewal or Starting with the last issue the Riview has been printed on a high quality matte a change or address must arrive before the mailing date. Late renewals will resume their new year with the following issue. paper to reduce glare when reading and with a coating that adds a smoother, If we had not been notified of an address change, the member wrinkle-free feel, and makes colors “pop” off the page. Aqueous coating is common will miss that issue. Missed issues are available for $4 each. in first-rate magazines and corporate reports. There is an added cost, but it will not cause an increase in dues. One member who thought the change was very profes- roa office sional stated that the only involvement most members have with ROA is the Riview. P .O . Box 261218, Denver, CO 80226-9218 That being true, you deserve the best we can offer. We hope you enjoy the change 303-233-2987, fax: 303-238-0346 and we welcome your feedback. Office@rivowners .org 4 January/February 2015 The Riview
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