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Collectible Automobile DECEMBER Odds & 2014 Silver Arrow I is a GM show car, created under the direction of GM’s VP of Ends Styling, William Mitchell. Starting in June 1962, Mitchell commissioned the New Book Commentary Buick Design Studio to make changes to a standard 1963 Riviera. The car underwent numerous changes from a chopped top, two-tone silver paint, BY HELEN V . HUTCHINGS custom silver leather interior, hidden headlights and the addition of addi- Spencer Buick was an active downtown San Francisco dealership tional high rear brake lights, to name just a few. This edition of Collectible for only 20-odd years, but during that time its star burned brightly. Automobile includes many excellent photos and is a must for all collectors. Even when its star went dark, its afterglow is rich with Rivieras. But If you can’t find it on the newsstand, call 800-871-2022 for back issues. For it took the discovery of a cache of binders filled with professionally- additional information on Silver Arrow I, visit our website under “Past Is- taken photos to inspire this book and its title, MotorBinder, in order sues.” There, you can read a detailed three-part article in Vol. 3, issues 2–4. to show and tell part of Bev Spencer and Spencer Buick’s story. We learn that dealer/owner Bev Spencer was an avid road racing Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee enthusiast and team owner and that he was a stickler for pre- sentation. The Spencer team was one of the very first to sport BY JIM ROBERTS matching and always clean equipage with uniformed personnel. Buicks, especially Rivieras, were integral to Team Spencer’s rac- ing effort. The photos give us front row seats. You’ll also recog- nize names and faces of many of the road racing greats includ- ing Phil Hill, the only American driver ever—to this day—to earn/win the Formula 1 World Championship. No matter how many times you leaf through and revisit the Jerry Seinfeld borrowed my 1965 Riviera for an episode of his internet pages, you will go back again and again because you’ll discover show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee .” The episode was shown last proud moments of Riviera and Buick history that have never be- August as part of Season 4 . In this show, Jerry drove the car, accom- fore been printed or seen elsewhere. panied by fellow comedian George Wallace . To see a video, visit their Resource website: www .comediansincarsgettingcoffee .com . Author: Roy Spencer • Description: 321 pages, 180 black-and- white and 30 color photos • Price: $64 Five Most Elegant Cars Publisher: 2014 MotorBinder • As selecTed by HAgeRTy InsuRAnce BUiCK BUGLe The staff at Hagerty have selected five cars from the 50s—60s that are memorable for elegant sim- SEPTEMBER 2014 plicity. Cars that they say “swam again the flood The September issue of the club magazine published by the of fins, scoops, chrome and decals.” The first was Buick Club of America (BCA) pictured a 1964 on its cover. The the 1963-65 Riviera, followed by the 1956-57 Continental Mark II and 1953 Studebaker Regal issue included an introduction to the ’64, which celebrated its Starlight coupe. The last two were the 1975-79 Ca- 50th year and a story by a long-time owner. The BCA covers all dillac Seville and the 1956 Chrysler 300B. Once years of Buicks and held their National Meet this past July in again, the folks at Hagerty have demonstrated Portland, OR. For information on the BCA, visit their good taste in automobiles. The Riview January/February 2015 5
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