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                  BY RAY KNOTT   •   PART IX IN A SERIES

        In the previous Riview, we discussed the original design of the ’71 Riviera,
        which was to be on a smaller A-Frame. After management decided it was to be
        built on the larger B-Frame, changes were made. The photo to the upper right
        shows a sweeping “C” pillar on a clay model much like the earlier version and
        much like Buick’s show car Silver Arrow III which was introduced a year later.
        The next photo to the right shows an earlier rear bumper design with taillights
        in the bumper and the license plate in the center. The two photos below that
        show that the rear deck has been changed dramatically making it necessary to
        move the license plate to the side. Several taillight designs were also considered.
        Pictured below is an interior door design being considered and an unusual
        steering wheel. The dash appears to be the same as the production model.

                                                                           NEXT ISSUE:  Designs for ’72 and Silver Arrow III.
                                                                                          Photos courtesy of the GM Archives.

        Below you will see that the light-colored car has the four taillight set-up.
        Take note of the three vertical bars attached to the sail panel. A wide sweep-
        ing spear favored by Chief Designer Bill Mitchell, similar to the one on the
        ’70 model, ran the entire length of the car.
        The dark-colored model to the right has the taillights and rear bumper that
        appeared on the production ’71 and also had the contrasting-colored sweep-
        ing spear. One significant difference on the dark model was that there is a
        large vent sculpted into the sail panel.

        One photo (not shown) showed the hood with block letters, much like in
        1966, which appeared to spelled out “RIVIERA.”

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