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Riviera Fever or One-Hit Wonder?

                                                Jason Zerbini #775, President, Board of Trustees
                                                jzriv@windstream .net

        The Riviera Owners Association (ROA) is a non-profit    This past January, member Ken Reed posted on the ROA link
        corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration,   to the AACA Forum that a burgundy mist ’65 Riviera Gran
        promotion, and enjoyment of the Riviera built by the   Sport with a white interior sold for $110,000 at the Gooding & Company Auction
        Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. The   in Scottsdale, AZ. That’s $121,000 with the 10 percent buyer’s premium added!
        ROA is independent and is not affiliated with General   The Gooding Auction specializes in high-end sports cars like Ferraris, Porsches and
        Motors or its Buick Division.          Alfa Romeos. A follow-up posting by “cjp69” revealed the same car failed to reach
                                               a $60,000 reserve at the Mecum auctions in 2012 and 2013. Perhaps the foreign
               BOARD OF TRUSTEES               sports car bidders were not aware these cars can be bought for much less.
                  Jason Zerbini #775          It’s natural that this news would cause Gran Sport owners to be thrilled and those
                  724-468-5923 (PA)           wishing to own one to be disappointed; however, neither should get excited or wor-
                 jzriv@windstream .net        ried. This Gran Sport had plenty of curb appeal with its awesome color combina-
                   Vice President             tion. As the few pictures available were scrutinized, a significant number of authen-
                    Ed Raner #279             ticity errors surfaced. These errors apparently did not have a negative effect, which
                  913-422-1527 (KS)           tells us the bidders didn’t care.
                  eeraner@kc .rr .com
                     Secretary                Unfortunately, an auction result like this can mislead less-informed Gran Sport own-
                                              ers and convince them their car, even if in need of lots of costly restoration work,
                 Darrell Ingold #1237
                  631-220-3239 (NY)           is suddenly worth a fortune, triggering ridiculous asking prices. Most of us know
               darrell .ingold@yahoo .com     Riviera values have seen a slow but steady increase. Rivieras still have appreciation
                                              potential, but one auction doesn’t dictate future values. In trend analysis, it takes a
                  Marty Hillman #141          lot more data to provide an accurate conclusion and, often, extreme outliers like this
                  541-226-2425 (OR)           are thrown out of the data pool. Skylark GSX models have broken the $100K barrier
              mhillman@scattercreek .com      on occasion, so it’s fair to say that potential is there for a Gran Sport Riviera. Only
                     Trustee                  time will tell.
                 Randall Crain #5360
                  336-431-3854 (NC)
                  roa5360@aol .com
            EDITORIAL & OFFICE STAFF          Tech Tips & Quality Part Sources
                  Ray Knott ROA #1            By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor
                  303-952-0239 (CO)           ray@rivowners .org
                  Ray@rivowners .org
                  Office Managers
              Joe & Palaua Sparacino #10520   Over the past 31 years, the Riview has published scores of technical
                  303-233-2987 (CO)           tips sent to us by faithful and helpful ROA members. Every time one
                 Office@rivowners .org        of us takes on a repair or restoration project, we gain experience
                  Associate Editor            and often discover ways to do it better. Often, the knowledge comes from the mistakes we
                  Bob Wannall #3069           make. By sharing that information, we can save others from chasing the same rabbit.
                    Web Master                In the early days of ROA, sharing tips required a pen, paper, a 22-cent postage stamp
                  Mike Vogt #11541            and a trip to the post office. For years, that’s how your tech tips arrived at the ROA of-
                   Graphic Design             fice. Remember when we used to do that? Now with email, we trim days off that lengthy
                 Michelle Finney #13998       process and send the information in just a few seconds. I ask that you send your tips
                www .finneycreative .com       directly to me as Editor. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or formatting: we will
                                               take care of that. What’s important is the information we can share. Photos are always
                   MEMBERSHIP                  helpful, too.
        Membership in the ROA is on an annual basis; new members    If you made a repair or modification that required new parts, please tell us where these
        receive the current issue and five succeeding issues. Annual
        membership is $30 (USA) and $40 (outside the US) payable in   parts can be found. Often it will be a website or even one of the many sources listed in
        checks drawn on a U.S. bank, Visa or Master Card. A renewal or   the Riview classifieds. These sources have been referred by members like yourself, who
        a change or address must arrive before the mailing date. Late re-  were satisfied with their service, price, and product. Except for our member’s display
        newals will resume their new year with the following issue. If we   ads, they are not paid ads and will be removed if quality or service is lacking. Let us
        had not been notified of an address change, the member will miss   know if you ever have problems.
        that issue. Missed issues are available for $4 each.  I started ROA in 1984 to be able to share information and keep our cars maintained
                                                and enjoyable. That is still a valuable benefit of membership. Granted, parts for the
                    ROA OFFICE
           P .O . Box 261218, Denver, CO 80226-9218  older models were more plentiful and less expensive, but after 50 years it takes more
              303-233-2987, fax: 303-984-0909   effort to locate what we need. Our motto has always been to “Share the Pride.” I am
                  Office@rivowners .org         asking that we continue to “share” and with your help we can.
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