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In the Movies

            Member Frank O’Donnell informed us that his original, silver ’65 Riviera will   Odds &
            appear in a soon-to-be-released movie entitled Coming Through the Rye. Set in
            Virginia in 1969, it’s the story of a young, aspiring actor and his search for the
            reclusive J.D. Salinger, author of Catcher in the Rye. The movie is currently be-
            ing featured at film festivals across the country prior to its general release.
                                                 The ’65 was used extensively
                                                 in four different scenes, while
                                                 parked or being driven
                                                 through the scene with Frank                             Ends
                                                 at the wheel. To view a two-
                                                 minute trailer, visit coming
                                                 Frank says the whole experi-
                                                 ence has certainly changed the
                                                 way he watches movies.

                                                                    World of Wheels Winner

                                                             An original ’76 Riviera owned by member Kevin Kauppi from Pleasant
                                                             Prairie, WI, was recognized at the 2016 Chicago World of Wheels. The
                                                                                              car took first place in the
                                                                                              1973-78 Class, muscling
                                                                                              past all other muscle cars
                                                                                              on display.
                                                                                              The ’76, originally owned
                                                                                              by Kevin’s parents, was
                                                                                              featured in the March/April
                                                                                              2015 issue of the Riview and
            X-11 Riviera                                                                      received a class award at
                                                                                              the 2015 ROA International
            Member Al Babel sent us the January issue of Drive!, a                            Meet in St. Charles, IL.
            parts source and event guide published in California.
            The cover car was a custom ’63 called X-11 Riviera.   Controversial Custom ’64 on eBay
            Owner Marcy Molkenthen and designer Jeff Allison
            were able to create a very stylistic custom. The biggest                       You never know what you’ll
            change was replacing the original roof with one from                           find listed on eBay. Recently

            a 1968 Mercury Cyclone. The result is dramatic.                                this ’64 from Fort Myers, FL,
            A new rear deck and taillights were fabricated to fit                          appeared on the market. Body
            the sloping roof and resemble taillights from a ’65                            changes included extra scoops
            Grand Prix. The interior remained stock except for                             in the hood and a custom grille.
            silver upholstery and brushed stainless-steel panels,                          In the rear, custom taillights
            which replaced the original wood veneer.                                       were installed below a long,
                                                                                           narrow spoiler. But the biggest
            Several performance improvements were made to                             change was the installation of a high-
            the original 401 Nailhead including an Edelbrock                          performance Chevrolet W-409 engine,
            dual-quad intake. In addition, disc brakes and fuel                       rated at 590 hp.
            injection were added. Custom wheels were made to
            fit the Pontiac 8-lug brake drums. Although the car                       Very few of those who commented on
            has won awards in several shows, the owner plans to                       auto news site liked the
            enjoy the car on the street and at autocross events.                      changes. They felt the original lines
                                                                                      of a ’64 were more stylish, the radical
                                                                                      dash did not fit the car, and many
                                                                                      preferred to keep a Buick engine.
                                                                                      Some of the comments were:
                                                                                        • Body mods & interior, waste of time!
                                                                                        • Would prefer a Stage 1 engine!
                                                                                        • 409? No way, keep the Nailhead!
                                                                                        • Don’t mess around with a First Gen!
                                                                                        • The back-end is a mess!
                                                                                        • The X-11 Riviera is way cooler!
            The Riview       May/June 2016 he Riview       May/June 2016
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