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         Q    1965 Headlight Cover Linkage by    is not illuminated when the car   a problem. Now the “pipes” are
             Joseph Brooke (Direct to Tech Advisor)  is running.                   long enough to go through the
                                                                                   firewall and connect heater hoses
             Several years ago you helped me    A: By Paul
             with my headlight covers. Now      Before you replace anything, make   without a problem.
             the female side to the ball connec-  sure you are not turning the key
             tors on my headlight actuator link-  too far to the left. When the key   Q    1993 Engine Mounts by
             age are worn and the arms don’t    is in the ACC position, the AMP      Kenneth K. Kulik (Direct to ROA)
             stay in the ballheads. The result is   light will glow. These older ignition   Please advise how I might find an
             the clamshell covers don’t open.   switches are not like a newer car.   engine mount for a 1993 Riviera.
             Any leads on a new set?            Going from left to right, the key   I have tried many sources with
                                                positions on a ’64 are ACC, OFF,   no luck.
             A: By Dick Sweeney, 1963-65        ON, and START. Most people who
             Tech Advisor                       are not familiar with older cars   A: By Dave Shipman #11394
             Does the arms have the C clips on   turn the key all the way to the left   I was asked to contact you
             the ends to hold the ball in place?  as they do on a newer car. This   regarding your email regarding
                                                happens to me all the time when a
             Response from Joseph Brooke        valet parks my car.                an engine mount for a seventh
             No. I see that I am missing the                                       generation Riviera. I have at-
             retaining clips on the short, four-  Response from Paul               tached two documents; one is
                                                                                   an illustration of the engine and
             inch extension that bolts on the   The letters on my ignition switch
             long arm and snaps on the ball of   are totally worn away and I just   tranny mounts and the other
             the motor. Thanks.                 assumed I could only remove the    is of the corresponding part
                                                key in the OFF position. I just went   numbers. I own a ’92 Riviera and
                                                                                   the parts are the same for your
        TECH TIP    Engine Ailments by Jon      back and double-checked and that   ’93. You will notice that the parts
                       Hardgrove, The Carburetor    was the problem. You saved me   also fit on the ’91 Reatta (E97).
             Shop owner (ROA link, AACA Forum)    some serious time chasing my tail,
                                                so many thanks. I will definitely   Although they are somewhat
             I’ve found the standard “rule of   sleep much better tonight.         hard to find, you could try www.
             thumb” for diagnosis of engine ail-                          or www.
             ments: (1) Compression Test, (2)          First Gen Heater Core
             Ignition Test, (3) Carburetion.*    TECH TIP                          or or www.
                                                          by Jim Cannon #9774,
             * I really like to divide (3) into      1963 Technical Advisor or
              (3a) Fuel Delivery System and     I get a lot of questions about the
              (3b) Carburetor. According to     replacement heater cores be-   TECH TIP    Rusty Seat Frames by
              the Carter Carburetor Company,    ing sold by various auto parts                Winston McCullum #13242
              their stats list the probability for   houses and Buick parts places for   Like many owners, I found that
              engine problems as; Compres-      the First Generation Riviera. In   the rear-seat frame on my ’63
              sion – 3%, Ignition – 92%, and    general, the “pipes” coming off of   was rusted and needed attention
              Carburetion – 5%.
                                                the heater core (that you connect   before attaching new seat covers.
             Buick used both Carter and         the heater hoses to) are not quite   Originally, I’d thought I could get
             Rochester carbs in 1963. If        long enough to fully pass through   away with a mild fix to stop the
             properly rebuilt, you would be     the firewall and get the heater    rust and shore up the frame. I was
             unable to tell any difference on a   hoses well connected.            worried that welding would burn
             stock engine. Both are excellent                                      through the thin rusted metal
             carbs—in design and quality of     You discover this after it is all in-  frame, but I had no choice. After
             manufacture. If the engine has     stalled, which is very frustrating.   a lot of cutting, welding, grind-
             been significantly modified, there   So you connect the heater hoses   ing and drinking beer, I saved
             seems to be more technicians       the best you can with the stub of   my frame. Here are a few tips I
             familiar with the Carters who can   a pipe coming through.            thought I’d share:
             make calibration changes.          My local radiator shop helped me   I found that most frames in the
                                                out by removing the “tanks” on     wrecking yards are rusty from
         Q    AMP Light on when the key is off    the ends of my old heater core   sitting on wet carpet. Rust is
             by “Raul” (ROA link, AACA Forum)   and moving them over to the new    inevitable since the frame metal
             I find that when I turn off the    heater core. My old heater core    is unprotected raw steel. I looked
             car, that the AMP light on the     was not leaking at the tanks, it   at 12 first generation Rivieras and
             dash stays lit with the key out of   was leaking at the tubes/fins, so   found several with a good rear
             the ignition and everything off. It   reusing the old tanks was not   section of the frame. I cut out the

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