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good sections—even so I still had   there being three wires is there   trouble. The difference is amaz-
                 barely enough solid material to    could be an aftermarket alarm      ing and now I have variable light
                 make the fix. Even if the frame is   system that has been added to    16-to-1 steering for parking and
                 rusted, chances are the springs at   the car.                         down to 13-to-1 on the open road.
                 the base of the frame are rusted                                      Phil can be reached at buick849@
                 too, particularly where the spring        Variable Steering on a ‘66, for more details.
                 clasps to the metal. I cut solid     TECH TIP
                                                               by Phil Green #13086
                 springs out of other parts of the      (reprinted with permission from the ROA     1995-99 Body Parts/
                 seats, re-bent them to shape and       Australian Riview)          TECH TIP
                 reused the factory clamps to at-   I have owned my ’66 for 25 years      Removal & Part Numbers
                 tach to the new sections.          now and have never been happy      by Randall Crain #5360
                 The two “S”-shaped brace sec-      with the light steering especially   This four-page article includes dia-
                 tions were rotten, so I spliced    at high speeds or on country       grams from factory manuals and
                 sections from three seats to make   roads. While attending the 2014   photos taken during removal in
                 one good one. Also, I bent and     ROA Australian Nationals at        preparation for painting. The goal
                 welded a piece of 1/4” tube steel   Bathurst I discussed steering     was to get the best paint job pos-
                 on the inside for extra strength.   with other owners. I discovered   sible and avoid tape lines. Some
                 The good news is that the front    others shared the same concerns.   of the instructions for removal are
                 section where the springs attach   I learned that members Tom         basic, but the intent was to make it
                 is usually solid compared to the   Kunek and Steve Moore had in-      complete. Part numbers have been
                 back section. It can be cut out,   stalled a lower ratio box, as used   listed, although several have been
                 swapped side to side and welded    in later models. Tom Kunek in-     discontinued. The article begins at
                 in to form the new back frame. If   stalled a Borgeson reconditioned   the front and continues to the rear
                 you cut carefully, and measure,    box 15-to-1 fixed ratio to his ’65   as parts in a logical stage in which
                 all the spring mounts will line up   and is very happy with the result.   to remove the part.
                 exactly. I ended up with a “Fran-  Steve suggested a variable 16–13-
                 kenframe,” but it was solid and off   to-1. Saginaw 700 ratio box, used
                 to the upholsterer.                                                       Lower Air Deflector:
                                                    on 1978 and later Buicks. These
                                                    boxes have a three-bolt pattern      1. Remove 11 plastic pushpins
            Q     Door Locks on a ’95 by Stanley A.    against the original four-bolt
                 Cloyd #14253 (Direct to Tech Advisor)  pattern but will still fit on your   2. Remove Air Deflector.
                 Two years ago I bought a ’95       chassis.                             Air Deflector, P/N  25614704
                 listed in the Riview. The driver’s-  I contacted Borgeson Steering,     Retainer (11) P/N 14093088
                 side door lock module locks but    located in the US. They have a
                 has become too weak to unlock. I   full range of rebuilt boxes for
                 bought a replacement but it only   around $350. The variable box I
                 has two wire plugs. Mine has       wanted was Borgeson #800205.
                 three. I haven’t been able to find a   A coupling rag joint kit #990012
                 three-plug unit. Is there a way to   is required, because the input
                 fix this?                          spline is less than the steering
                 A: By Tim McClusky #9686,          shaft spline.
                 1995-99 Tech Advisor               The original coupling rag joint

                 The Service Manual only shows a    will need to be parted by re-
                 two-wire actuator, not three. The   moving the original rivets and    Above is a sample of how the
                 factory wire colors are gray and   replacing them with the new kit    instructions and diagrams appear
                 tan. The door lock switch reverses   which bolts together to the origi-  in the article. To view this entire
                 polarity to the actuator to get it   nal steering spline. The hydraulic   article, go to the “Member’s Only”
                 to lock or unlock. If the actuator   lines from the pump are a flared   side of our website under Techni-
                 works normally in one direction    fitting so two inverted flare fit-  cal Tips/Body.
                 but is slow or weak in the other,   tings also need to be ordered, as
                 you could try to clean and lube    this later box uses an O-ring-type    Information provided in “The Roundtable” was
                 all of the linkages and the latch   connection.                       submitted by our Tech Advisors or compiled
                 assembly to see if that helps. The   These flare fittings just tap into   from various internet forums.  These forums
                 only reason I could think of for   the entry on the box without any   are listed on our website and on page 11 of
                                                                                       this issue.
            The Riview       May/June 2016                                                                          7
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