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            would help to accelerate Buick’s refashioning of its image as a   The no part: Aldred said Avista was a design concept only and
            brand desirable to Generation X and Millennials.     wasn’t brought to the Detroit show with the intention of build-
            Avista is a 2+2 coupe, powered by a 400 horsepower twin-tur-  ing it. Also working against it: GM product chief Mark Reuss
            bocharged V-6, with rear-wheel drive. It has an eight-speed auto-  must deal with the reality that coupes are not big sellers in the
            matic transmission, with start-stop technology to save gasoline,   US or China.
            and a glass roof. Although just a design study at this point, GM   The car market is cyclical. In the three years it would take to
            executives say Avista will influence future Buicks, saying Avista   bring Avista to market, the current six-year-old sales boom could
            “rekindles” Buick’s “historic performance roots.”    have slowed, or be over. Reuss may not want a slow-selling
            Features of Avista include:                          coupe in the Buick line-up if sales were down.
             • A 110.7-inch wheelbase and 63-inch front/62.9-inch rear   Capital is limited—the money spent on a Buick coupe takes money
              tracks for sporty proportions and an aggressive stance  away from other projects that might provide a better return on
                                                                 investment for GM.
             • Twenty-inch aluminum wheels with color-toned accents
              matching the car’s Dark Sapphire Jewel exterior    What’s working for it? The wild acclaim it has received. Also,
                                                                 it’s built on GM’s “Alpha” platform, which underpins the new
             • Front fender vents with chrome accents evolve Buick’s    Camaro and Cadillac ATS and CTS. So, the expensive parts
              signature fender ports                             needed to build it are already there.
            Ed Welburne, Vice President of Global Design, says Avista’s   If you like it, call GM and tell them to build it!
            design represents Buick at its heart. “Sculptural beauty is at
            the core of Buick,” and “Avista is the perfect essence of future
            Buick design.”
            Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Buick-GMC says there are “plenty
            of new Buicks in the pipeline” to use the Avista design elements.
            Will they build it? No—and maybe.

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