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The Rivieras listed here have appeared in our magazine (the Riview) and been submitted by members and non-members, who contacted us directly. In many cases these cars are not listed anywhere else.  We will post Rivieras on this public site approximately one month after they have appeared in the Riview, to give our members the first opportunity.

In order to get your Riviera listed, e-mail your classified ad, limited to 40 words or less, to Ray@rivowners.org and be sure to include your full name, a price and city / state where the car is located. If the seller is a dealer, please identify yourself as such. The ads will be listed in the Riview and will only be repeated if requested by a member. We reserve the right to edit or refuse ads based on their content.

We would appreciate an e-mail notifying us if the car has sold, so the ad can be removed.

Sellers Beware

Don’t fall victim to internet scams. Do not consider sales to anyone who sends a certified check for more than the asking price, then asks the seller  to pay the transport driver the difference in cash along with the title. A month later you  find out the cashier’s check is fraudulent and your are out the cash and the car. Only accept cash or wait until the check or money order clears.

(NOTE - Member's ads are not posted on the Public side unless requested)

1963, Blue, dark blue interior, 17K showing, new paint, $12,000. 240-601-6315, Bowie, MD.

1963, White, silver vinyl, 45K, trans upgraded to TH400, rear air shocks, straight, clean southern car, $18,900. Dealer, 440-565-5335, Cleveland, OH.

1963, Silver, black interior, 90K, solid body, good paint, nice original interior, full power, runs and drives great, $16,850. Dealer, 619-635-7056, Staunton, IL

1963, Parked for 3 years, it’s all there, needs floor pans, $7,495. Dealer, 844-254-3218, Cadillac, MI. 

1963, Bronze, new white interior, 24K, power windows, vents and driver’s seat, Rallye wheels, new exhaust, $16,000. Dealer, 844-663-9738, Newberg, OR.

1963, Black, black interior, 98K, interior needs work, needs front floor pan, rebuilt 425ci, new exhaust and brakes, REDUCED $2,050 since Nov./Dec. Riview, $9,450. 641-919-2633, Hendrick, IA.

1963, Black and gray custom paint, black deluxe interior, no mileage given, shaved handles, power everything, $16,495. Consignment Dealer, 844-254-3218, Cadillac, MI.

1964, White, red interior 35K, original excellent condition, $19,000. 512-563-8142, Westlake, TX.

1964, Green, black interior, custom paint, some rust, $8,500. 620-474-0684, Hutchinson, KS.

1964, Diplomat Blue, standard silver interior, all original except paint, Looks great, $24,900. Dealer, 413-204-0874, Webster.MA.

1964, Black, standard black interior, 95K, disk brakes, AM/FM, $29,900. Dealer, 847-393-7887, Mundelein, IL.

1964, dual quads, Yellow, black deluxe interior, 85K, sport steering wheel, engine, trans and driveline rebuilt, no a/c, $24,995. Dealer, 623-900-4884, Scottsdale, AZ.

1964, Silver metallic, black deluxe interior, 23K, sport steering wheel, no a/c, rebuilt 401ci and TH400 transmission, power windows and vents, power 6-way power driver’s seat, REDUCED $1,000 since Nov/Dec Riview, $18,900 OBO. Dealer, 208-585-7155, Boise, ID.

1964, Marlin Blue, black interior, 101K, original owner, purchased new on Memorial Day 1964, always garage-kept under a custom cover, $20,000. Private seller, 949-394-7499, Newport Beach, CA.

1965, Silver, black interior, 67K, third owner, RF, rebuilt engine and transmission, many original and extra parts, runs great, custom rims, $27,500. Former member Keith Donnan, keith@perfassocinc.com, 630-513-7485, St. Charles, IL.

1965, Black, 120K, owned for 20 years, needs paint & restoration, complete & running, $9,500. 831-566-8757, Santa Cruz, CA.

1965, Gran Sport, under construction, frame -off in progress, completely disassembled, $14,000. 815-757-6191, Genoa, IL.

1965, Turquoise Mist, tan interior, 86K, mild custom w/ wheels and fender skirts, very clean, $30,000. 661-904-1662, Bakersfield, CA.

1965, Solid chassis, body rusting, 65K, loaded, $3,500. 516-637-0593, Elmont, NY.

1965, Blue, 62K, original 401, needs paint and headlight motor, $20,000. 510-862-4117, Fremont, CA,

1965, Marlin blue, deluxe black interior, new paint and interior, REDUCED $4,000 since March/April 2018 Riview, $27,800. Private, 310-503-6972, Gardena, CA.

1965, White, tan, 68K, CD player hidden in the glove box, clamshells manual operation only, paint has some thin spots, near-perfect interior, RF, $29,995. Dealer, 480-249-2451, Hope Mills, NC.

1966, Black, black buckets, console and floor shift, custom, excellent condition, $18,000. 812-675-2938, Bedford, KY

1966, Arctic White, original plum vinyl interior, 51K, AM/FM/CD, power windows, glass packs, REDUCED $10,000 since Nov/Dec Riview, $17,995. Dealer, 708-444-4488, Chicago, IL.

1967, Project, complete, $2,000. 346-204-3750, Houston, TX.

1967, Silver, black top, deluxe black interior, 114 or 14K, second owner, belonged to relative, stored since mid-80s, overhauled and running, REDUCED $1,000 since last issue now $17,999.  630-697-9662, Lombard, IL.

1967, Fawn, deluxe buckets, console, floor shift 23K, $12,500. 303-999-8173, Pine, CO.

1967, Arctic White, black interior, black vinyl top, 10K, freshly rebuilt 430ci, very clean chrome, glass, and interior, REDUCED $3,000 since Nov/Dec Riview, $21,995. Dealer, 817-764-8000, Fort Worth, TX.   

1967 GS, charcoal grey with blue tint, black interior, no mileage reported, cruise, power windows, new paint and weather strips, detailed engine, $14,995. Consignment Dealer, 231-468-2809, Cadillac, MI. 

1968, Brown, no vinyl top, reupholstered black & tan bench, 46K, excellent condition, $9,500. 509-631-8856, WA

1968, GS, Blue, standard white bench, needs paint, $7,000. 316-518-5583, Wichita, KS.

1968, Green, black top standard black bench, 2nd owner, $12,000. 760-512-1863, Oceanside, CA.

1968, GS, red, restored, excellent condition, RF, $18,500. 201-485-9610, Bergan Co. NJ.

1968 GS, Black, white bench seat interior, 66K, immaculate original interior, power windows, antenna, seats, tilt, paint is 4/10, RF, $23,995. Consignment Dealer, 231-468-2809, Cadillac, MI. 

1969, White, black vinyl top, deluxe green interior, 83K, original RF, very clean, need weather strips, $18,800. 408-316-5292, Alameda, CA.

1969, Gray, blue buckets, 54K, excellent condition, RF, $10,500. 304-644-1642, Smyrna, TN.

1969, Black on black, custom leather upholstery, 94K, restored, RF, very clean, $13,500. 310-980-6319, CA.

1969, Black, black interior, no mileage listed, Raiders paint, airbags, sound system, 24-inch rims, $7,500. Private, 480-776-9943, Chandler, AZ.

1969, White, black interior, 123K, one-family car, original throughout, rust-free, garage kept, interior near mint, $13,500. Private, 208-721-1973, Hailey, ID.

1969, Black, parchment vinyl interior, 98K, center console, Rallye wheels, needs nothing, great driving car, $14, 900. Dealer, 855-868-6746, Boerne, TX.

1969, Tan, beige interior, 73K, California car, power seats, locks and windows, tilt wheel, RF, nice original, $8,950. Dealer, 888-636-3514, Skiatook, OK.

1970, White, standard white bench, 24K (124K?), $9,950. 405-348-4469, Edmond, OK.

1970, Gold, needs paint, $3,500. 661-396-8408, Bakersfield, CA.

1971, Custom light green, deluxe interior, custom buckets, restored, new paint and upholstery, very attractive, invested $37K, asking $22,500. 509-952-6717, Yakima, WA.

1971, Green, white vinyl top custom green and white buckets, 30K, stored 30 years, $15,000. 909-810-7657, Redlands, CA.

1971, Red, black vinyl top, black interior, $4,500. 781-241-8445, Lynn, MA.

1972, Blue, white vinyl top, tan interior, 193K, $1,992. 702-542-5495, Las Vegas, NV.

1972, Green, black 60/40 vinyl seat, mechanically sound, rust on top from old vinyl roof, needs need roof skin, $2,800. 303-434-9153. CO.

1973, Dark Brown, deluxe tan cloth 60/40 interior, 74K, excellent condition, REDUCED $4,000 since Jan/Feb Riview now $14,900. Dealer, 616-855-6600, Wixom, MI.

1973, Black, deluxe tan vinyl seats, 115K, very clean, $8,900. 310-418-6485, Phoenix, AZ.

1973, White, 131K, rust on rear quarter, otherwise clean and straight, $2,000. 208-946-1852, North Idaho.

1973, White, white buckets, needs carb. and brakes, $5,500. 253-240-5667, Puyallup, WA.

1973, Gold, deluxe beige 60/40 seats 70K, Dad’s estate, everything works but clock. $12,500. 406-490-6277, Twin Bridges, MT.

1973, White, 18K, sat for years, sun damage to upholstery, $6,900. 760-524-8867, Palmdale, CA.

1973, Dark Blue, deluxe custom blue cloth buckets, rebuilt engine, $13,500. 505-252-1913, Albuquerque, NM.

1973, GS brown, brown 66K or 166K, estate, one owners past 25 years, garaged, driven only to shows, $18,000. 623-570-4137, Phoenix, AZ.

1973, Red, white vinyl top, red deluxe 60/40 seat, 111K, very clean, RF, $12,500 obo. 828-724-9827, Marion, NC.

1973, Willow Green, deluxe tan bench, 40K, excellent condition, $10,500. 706-346-6170. Rome, GA.

1973, Light Gold, no vinyl top, deluxe beige cloth 60/40 seats, 57K, excellent condition, $13,000. 619-402-4883, El Cajon, CA.

1975, GS, white, tan buckets, excellent condition, $9,995. 612-619-2252, North Branch, MN.

1975 GS, Silver Mist, red cloth, 29K, REDUCED $1,600 since last Riview, now $9,900. Dealer, 773-267-2684, Chicago, IL.

1975, White, red vinyl top, red vinyl buckets, console floor shift, 103K, runs perfectly, spent $2,000 recently, but still needs minor rust repair around wheel wells, $7,950. 818-530-8799, Woodland Hills, CA.

1976, Silver/Gray, burgundy cloth interior, body is in good condition, ran fine before being garaged five years ago, $2,500 obo.  Yvonne Wilson, roe64@pacbell.net, 323 497-4687, Los Angeles, CA.

1976, Blue, white vinyl top, blue interior, 57K, described as mint, $13,500. Dealer 888-875-1007, Palgrave, NV.

1979, Two-tone, brown / tan, 106K, RF, $2,500. 214-797-2219, Lewisville, TX. CL

1979, Silver, red, 40K, summer car, always garaged, showroom condition, new brakes, tires, bumper fillers & headliner, slight transmission leak, $9,750. George Acee, 315-736-2050. Whitesboro, NY.

1982, Convertible, white, 148K, garaged, RF, $3,900. 209-579-5516, Modesto, CA.

1983, Convertible, Firemist Red, red top, custom wheels $9,250. 870-316-3054, Jonesboro, AR.

1983, Convertible, white, 109K, always garaged, new bumper fillers, top and boot, straight body, new paint, great interior, mechanically runs and drives well, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $6,750.  Wally Williams #12051, sensit5180@aol.com, 203-268-5871, Easton, CT.

1984, Light Briar, brown top and interior, 128K sport wheel, 305 eng, RF, new brakes, battery, carburetor, water pump, hoses, belts, radiator, Bose radio, air shocks, automatic headlights and door locks, need bumper fillers and headliner, $3,000. James Gates #1111, 206-542-1827, Shoreline, WA. 

1985, Light Brown Firemist, light brown cloth, 22K, pampered, like new, never driven in salt, $13,500. Carl Mcelrath, 810-429-1703, Davidson, MI.

1985, Light blue, white Landau top, dark blue cloth interior, 65K, featured in Vol.32, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 2016 issue of the Riview, everything works, great condition, $7,000 obo. Kevin Ketelsen #14383, 501-606-1224 after 5:00 pm CST, rivingitup@gmail.com, Ward, AR.

1990, White, 118K miles, needs power steering leak fixed and a new battery, otherwise fair condition.  $1,200. Mary McCarver, 815-884-9087, Mendota, IL. 

1990, Black, prestige package, 97K, excellent condition, $4,900. 850-766-1718, Tallahassee, FL.

1991, Gray, red cloth, 91K, alloy wheels, very clean, $3,999. 720-340-4292, Longmont, CO.

1995, Diamond White, blue leather, 38K, wood dash kit, family owned custom wheels, $11,900. 708-388-5277, Alsip, IL.

1995, Jadestone, jade leather, 159K, Supercharged, Prestige Package, great condition, one owner, need crank sensor, will not start, $2,500. Mike, 914-649-2106, Westchester NY.

1995, Blue, blue, 112K, Naturally aspirated, bench seat, $3,450. Dealer 262-878-1177, Union Grove, WI.

1996, Black, gray leather, 98K, excellent condition, $5,000. 337-853-9919, Lake Charles, LA.

1996, White, taupe, 119K, Supercharged, moonroof, SE Prestige Package, $1,998. Dealer, 606-327-1170, Ashland, KY.

1996, Beige, taupe, 101K, Supercharged, moonroof, SE Prestige Package, $2,700. Dealer 941-391-5976, Port Charlotte, FL.

1997, Blue, blue 72K, Custom wheels, everything works, very clean, $5,250. 951-522-7154, Riverside, CA.

1997, Blue, blue, 44K, Supercharged, $9,987. Dealer 888-774-8259, Greenfield, WI.

1998, Silver, 124K, Moonroof, SE Prestige Package, $3,998. Dealer 866-451-4054, Addison, IL.

1999, White, taupe, 122K, Moonroof, SE Prestige Package, $6,000.  270-983-1938, Benton, KY

1999, Silver Arrow #16 of #200, only 56K, garaged, excellent condition, all extras included, sales brochure and maintenance record, REDUCED $2,000, now $11,000. OBO. Wilfredo Disla #11433, wildisla12@gmail.com, 908-305-4020, Elizabeth, NJ.


Updated June 2018


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