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Rivieras for Sale

The Rivieras listed here have appeared in our magazine (the Riview) and been submitted by members and non-members, who contacted us directly. In many cases these cars are not listed anywhere else.  We will post Rivieras on this public site approximately one month after they have appeared in the Riview, to give our members the first opportunity.

In order to get your Riviera listed, e-mail your classified ad, limited to 40 words or less, to and be sure to include your full name, a price and city / state where the car is located. If the seller is a dealer, please identify yourself as such. The ads will be listed in the Riview and will only be repeated if requested by a member. We reserve the right to edit or refuse ads based on their content.

We would appreciate an e-mail notifying us if the car has sold, so the ad can be removed.

Sellers Beware

Don’t fall victim to internet scams. Do not consider sales to anyone who sends a certified check for more than the asking price, then asks the seller  to pay the transport driver the difference in cash along with the title. A month later you  find out the cashier’s check is fraudulent and your are out the cash and the car. Only accept cash or wait until the check or money order clears.

(NOTE - Member's ads are not posted on the Public side unless requested)

1963, White, red leather interior, 63K, 401ci, one owner, stored for 30 years, moving must sell, $6,500. Gabriel Guerra,, 325-212-1737, San Angelo, TX.

1963, White, saddle interior, totally restored, front disc brakes, custom wheels, new paint, $32,900. 563-562-0331, Bettendorf, IA.

1963, Dark Green, saddle interior, $18,949. Dealer, 800-265-2975, Pellston, PA.

1963, Silver, deluxe black interior, turbine wheels, $15,750. Dealer, 503-577-3100, Prior Lake, MN.

1963, Candy Burgundy, deluxe tan interior, 120K, outstanding paint, 425 ci engine, air suspension, billet wheels, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $22,750. Dealer, 847-393-7887, Mundelein, IL.

1963, Blue & gray custom paint, custom wheels, air suspension, $18,800. Private, 540-330-9875, Bedford, VA.

1963, Black, standard silver interior, 74K, crank windows, standard wheel caps, REDUCED $3,000 since July, $24,900. Dealer, 877-422-1620, Denver, CO.

1963, Black, deluxe black leather interior, 57K, second owner, $32,997. Dealer, 941-254-6608, Palmetto, FL.

1963, White, deluxe black interior, 72K, $23,500. Dealer, 855-906-3112, Crete, IL.

1963, White, deluxe blue interior, 44K, has ROA front license plate, $22,000. Dealer, 855-906-3112, Kenosha, WI.

1963, White custom black and white upholstery in deluxe interior, 111K, $18,000. Dealer, 386-281-5353, Ormond Beach, FL.

1963, White, deluxe red leather interior, TPI-V8, 700R4 transmission, 18-inch Riddler wheels, $25,995. Dealer, 712-487-3445, Traynor, IA.

1964, Blue, original interior which will need restoration, RF solid body, new air suspension, extra engine and trans, $12,000. James Smith,, 443-467-8643, Baltimore, MD.

1964, Wedgewood Blue, deluxe white interior, 67K, dual four barrels, turbine wheels, factory wood style steering wheel, $29,500. Dealer, 480-281-2059, Scottsdale, AZ.

1964, Gold, standard saddle interior, 45K, has ROA decal in rear window, $24,750. Dealer 847-393-7887, Mundelein, IL.

1964, Dark Gray, deluxe black interior, $23,900. Dealer 631-620-3330, W. Babylon, NY.

1964, Beige, deluxe saddle interior, 96K, $12,500. Dealer, 855-304-0776, Hilton, NY.

1964, Silver, upholstery design not original in deluxe interior, RF, $14,000. Dealer, 516-376-3471, Long Island, NY,

1964, White, red interior, custom, LS2 engine, custom grille, front disc brakes, Dakota gauges original parts included, $30,495. Dealer, 231-468-2809, Cadillac, MI.

1964, Gray, black interior, RF, $23,900. Dealer 631-620-3330, West Babylon, NY.

1965, White, standard black interior, 82K, standard wheel covers, very clean, $32,900. Dealer 507-386-1726, Mankato, MN.

1965, White, deluxe black interior, listed as “7K”, second owner, no rocker trim which is standard with deluxe interior, aftermarket steering wheel, $32,000. Dealer 678-894-4833, Atlanta, GA.

1965, Verde Green, deluxe green interior, 55K, aftermarket steering wheel, $25,500. Dealer, 888-227-0914, Morgantown, PA.

1965, Light Green, deluxe green interior, 77K, custom wheels, $31,995. Dealer, 888-310-8723, Brea, CA.

1966, Green, no vinyl top, deluxe green interior, 95K, $13,950. Dealer, 618-635-7056, Staunton. IL.

1966, White, plum interior, 51K, $32,000. Dealer, 708-444-4488, Crete, IL. HMN

1967 Teal, deluxe blue cloth interior, 73K, older paint, excellent condition, Rally wheels. REDUCED $2,000, since July Riview, now $15,900.  Dealer, 507-386-1726, Mankato, MN.

1967, White, plum vinyl interior, 38K, custom wheels, rebuilt engine, $20,000. Private, 612-619-2252, Longville, MN.

1968, White, black top, white interior, 55K, includes original documents, $11,500. Dealer, 702-701-3886, N. Palm Springs, CA.

1968, Black, custom two shades gray /black cloth/vinyl buckets, with console 12K listed, $19,500. Dealer, 855-906-3112, Ruskin, FL. 

1969, Olive, tan 60/40 tan cloth interior, 82K, family owned, $14,900. Dealer, 715-709-0343, Stanley, WI

1969, Gold, black top, black deluxe cloth interior, 77K, excellent, unrestored, $29,900. Dealer, 330-499-8655, Canton. OH.

1969, Dark Green, white top, green interior, 85K, $26,995. Dealer, 615-930-0600, Nashville, TN,

1969, Copper Mist, white top, deluxe beige interior, 83K, standard wheel covers, $31,500. Dealer, 201-457-7900, S. Hackensack, NJ.

1970, Green, 34K, $9,900. Dealer 855-600-7750, Edmonton AB, Canada.

1970, Medium Blue, blue 60/40 vinyl seats, 88K, short skirts, side chrome, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $17,900. Dealer, 217-971-4691, Mason City, IL.

1971 GS, White, black top, “14K”, 25,000. Consignment dealer 708-444-4488, Chicago, IL

1971, Yellow, black top, black buckets with a short console, REDUCED $1,000 since July Riview, now $18,900. 833-724-1713, Corinth, KY.

1972, Vintage Red, black buckets, center console, 40K, all original with matching numbers, very good condition, original paint with very few imperfections, no dents or scratches. A/C needs compressor, original paperwork. garaged, $25,000. Ellen Davis,, NH.  

1972, GS, white, deluxe tan 60/40 interior, 70K, $29,995. Dealer, 803-288-3777, Lancaster, SC.

1972, Brown, tan top, light tan cloth 60/40 interior, $10,000. Dealer, 405-831-0933, Oklahoma, City, OK

1972, White, white cloth interior, 80K, $18,000. Dealer, 888-875-1007, Woodland, CA.

1972, Green, white top, deluxe white interior, 45K, $19,500. Consignment dealer, 708-444-4488, Chicago, IL

1973, Autumn Gold, tan Landau, light beige cloth interior, 29K, $16,900. Dealer, 877-690-4504, Grand Rapids, MI.

1973, Light Green, white Landau top, white buckets with full console, 30K, $32,000. Dealer, 407-771-2000, Orlando, FL.

1974 GS, Brown, red interior, $9,950. Dealer, 618-635-7056, Staunton, IL.

1974, Gold, dark brown top, 60/40 vinyl saddle interior, 95K, Vogue tires, fully restored, $22,500. Dealer, 330-453-8900, Canton, OH.

1975, Blue Haze, blue top, 60/40 blue cloth seats, 49K, excellent condition, REDUCED $1,000 since last Riview now $10,900. Dealer, 888-227-0914, Morgantown, PA.

1978, Maroon, maroon vinyl top, red velour interior, 68K, one owner, excellent condition, $6,950. Dealer, 618-635-7056, Staunton. IL.

1979, Yellow, beige interior, 14K, moon roof, aftermarket steering wheel, $12,950. Dealer, 888-314-9490, Milbank, SD.

1979, White, blue landau top and interior, 22K, one family owned, original documents, pampered, $18,900. Dealer, 636-600-4600. St Louis, MO.

1979, White, light blue top and interior, 75K, turbo V-6, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $7,950. Dealer, 618-414-4184, Staunton, IL.

1980, Silver, burgundy top and interior, 41K, $14,495. Consignment dealer, 231-389-5524, Cadillac, MI

1982, White, white top, red interior with short console, 69K, $8,988. Dealer, 800-830-3955, Lisle, IL.

1982, Convertible, white, 18K documented, V8, original, very nice. $8,700. Richard Wood,, 334-669-3800, Shalimar, FL.

1982, Convertible, white, 66K, includes documents and service records, $19,900. Dealer, 720-465-5104, Englewood, CO.

NEW 1983, Convertible, white, 109K, always garaged, new bumper fillers, top and boot, straight body, new paint, great interior, mechanically runs and drives well, $6,750. Wally Williams #12051, , 203- 261-4383, Easton, CT.

1983, White, blue top, blue interior, 55K “mint”, $5,639. Dealer, 989-341-4893, Saginaw, MI.

1983, Convertible, white, 108K, $8,000. Dealer, 618-271-3000, St Louis, MO.

1983, Convertible, white, 112K, REDUCED $1,500 since last Riview, now $14,000. Consignment dealer, 678-894-4833, Alpharetta, GA.

1983 T-Type, black, gray leather, aftermarket wheels, 66K, $8,950. Dealer, 618-414-4184, Staunton, IL. 

1983 Convertible, white, 98K, $7,500. Private, 646-773-5084, Voorheesville, NY. 

1983 Light Brown, brown interior, needs bumper fillers, 22K, $9,500. Dealer, 877-516-3869, Morgantown, PA. 

1984, Beige, dark brown carriage roof, tan leather & suede seats, 84K, sport steering wheel, excellent condition, $7,900. Dealer, 507-204-7044, Mankato, MN.

1984, Beige, vinyl top, gray interior, 68K, one owner, $5,900. Dealer, 631-398-2075, Lindenhurst, NY.

1984, Red, white top, 76K, $9,900. Private, 610-613-3370, Royersford, PA,

1984, Black, black top and gray interior, 59K, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $10,900. Dealer, 866-942-6502, Arlington, TX.

1984, Burgundy, white top and burgundy interior, 37K, factory sunroof, REDUCED $4,900 since last Riview, now $18,500.  Dealer, 949-220-2401, Costa Mesa, CA.

1984, Beige, dark brown top, beige interior, 32K, $10,995. Buick dealer 219-576-6414, Merrillville, IN.

1984, Silver, gray interior, one owner, “950 original miles, kept in a time capsule”, $35,000. Dealer, 407-807-6261, Orlando, FL.

1984 White, white top and red interior, 34K, $17,500. Dealer, 812-294-1555, Louisville, KY. 

1984 Gray, gray interior, 21K, $13,500. Dealer, 309-831-8759, Eureka, IL

1984 Blue, blue top and interior, 58K, $5,500. Private, 201-563-0443, Allendale, NJ.

1984 White, blue interior, custom rims and stereo, 51K, $15,600. Private, 908-415-1535, Jackson, NJ. 

1984 Burgundy, burgundy top and interior, 77K, $4,500. Dealer, 952-451-2104, Annandale, MN. 

1985, Dark Brown, no vinyl top, W-15 option with real walnut wood trim, leather/suede seats, and sport steering wheel. 25K actual, Rallye wheels, Gold Medal winner at AACA, $23,500. 941-355-1955, Sarasota, FL. 

1985, Gray, gray interior, listed as “2K, mint”, $13,800. Dealer, 234-320-0026, Salem, OH.

1985, Convertible, Firemist Red, 56K, $13,900. Dealer, 616-202-2820, Grand Rapids, MI.

1985, Blue, white top and blue interior, 65K, REDUCED $ 2,000 since July Riview, $7.500. Dealer, 660-628-0525, Macon, MO.

1985, Convertible, Firemist Red, 94K, $6,989. Hyundai dealer, 615-257-6607, Lebanon, TN.

1985, Light brown, tan top and interior, 55K, includes original documents and many receipts, $6,995. Dealer, 888-682-8594, Jefferson, WI.

1985, White, white top, beige interior, 18K, one owner, $23,500. Dealer, 636-535-2969, Fenton, MO.

1985 Convertible, Firemist Red, 56K, $13,900. Dealer, 616-855-6600, Kentwood, MI.

1985, Bronze, W-15 interior consisting of tan leather and suede seats, real walnut trim and, sport wheel interior, $6,490. Dealer, 567-408-1387, Sylvania, OH.

1985 Light Brown, brown top and interior, 40K, $9,500. Private, 203-494-5587, New Haven, CT. 

1985 Convertible, Firemist Red, sport steering wheel, road wheels, 56K, $13,900. Dealer, 616-219-2256, Grand Rapids, MI. 

1985 Light Brown, beige top and interior, 62K, $9,500. Dealer, 615-213-1800, Nashville, TN. 

1985 Blue, gray top and interior, 72K, $7,995. Dealer, 480-526-4609, Mesa, AZ. 

1985 Convertible, white, turbo V-6, 88K, $15,900. Dealer, 631-212-2841, West Babylon, NY.  .

1985 Gray, gray top and interior, 35K, $8,995. Dealer, 800-819-5243, Orlando, FL.

1989, Black, no vinyl top, red cloth interior, 63K, $10,500. Dealer, 773-267-2684, Chicago, IL.

1991, Beige, no vinyl top, beige cloth seats, 99K, after-market chrome wheels, very clean, REDUCED $2,000 since last issue now $6,950. 248-589-2700, Troy, MI.

1991, Claret Red, red interior, no vinyl top, 25K, $11,500. Dealer, 610-632-7909, Westchester, PA. 

1992, Dark Blue, no vinyl top, dark blue cloth, alloy wheels, $6,478. Buick Dealer, 984-207-4869, Goldsboro, NC.

1992, Maroon, no vinyl top, 70K, alloy wheels, $4,500. Chevrolet dealer. 260-213-4011, Columbia City, IN.

1992, Silver, no vinyl top, blue interior, 106K, alloy wheels, $3,995. Dealer 636-287-0516, Arnold, MO. 

1993, Black Cherry, burgundy interior, 78K, always garaged, documents included, $5,100. Dealer, 612-868-9682, Minneapolis, MN.

1995, Red, red interior, 98K, Supercharged, excellent throughout, original one family owned, $5,250. Kerry Altiero,,  207-446-0170, Rockland, ME.

1995, Burgundy, red interior, ready for paint, 124K, Supercharged, strong engine $1,200. Dealer, 856-924-6596, Salem, NJ.

1995, Burgundy, burgundy interior, 136K, Supercharged, 60/40 leather bench seat and column shift, $3,495. Dealer 724-686-1141, New Kensington, PA.

1996, White, taupe interior, 133K, Supercharged, $1,700. Dealer 386-204-0731, DeLeon Springs, FL.

1996, White, blue interior, 170K, Supercharged, sunroof, $1,999. Dealer, 844-275-3802, Cambridge, MA.

1997, Green, taupe interior, 76K, Supercharged, chrome wheels, $2,000. Dealer, 724-647-3261, W. Pittsburg, PA. 

1997, Silver, gray interior, 56K, Supercharged, $6,990. Dealer, 605-717-5300, Spearfish, SD.

1997, White, red interior, 89K, Supercharged, wood dash option, $11,590. 309-518-1495, Peoria, IL

1997, Beige, taupe interior, 82K, natural aspiration, $1,986. Dealer 636-306-3380, St. Charles, MO

The Supercharged engine was standard in 1998 -99.

1999, White, taupe interior, 78K, chrome wheels, $8,950, Dealer, Anchorage, AK.

1999, Red, taupe interior, 173K, chrome wheels, $6,977. Dealer, 720-236-1277, Castle Rock, CO.

1999, Silver, gray interior, 93K, $7,995. Dealer, 833-731-6408, Chadron, NE

1999, White, taupe interior 109K, always garaged, transmission rebuilt, $8,500. Private, 347-407-0741, Brooklyn, NY.


Updated January 2020


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