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Board of Trustee Update
Randall Crain #5360, President, Board of Trustees

Jason Zerbini

The Board of Trustees held its bi-annual meeting by conference call on January 13th. Everyone was represented, including our Director. The first order of business was to reappointed Ray Knott as our Director for another year. Ray, as you likely know, administers the association, is the Riview Editor and our Meet Planner. ROA's membership continues to hold steady and we enjoy a healthy, solid financial state. The Association's finances are regularly monitored by the Board through our treasurer, the director, and our accounting firm.

I am very pleased to report that three members submitted resumes for the two Board seats that open in June. All three candidates are very well qualified, and after being vetted by Committee, all were found to be eligible as defined by our by-laws. My thanks go to committee members Randy Hunter, John Andreassen, and Tim McCluskey, who have served in this position for the past several years. Please take a moment to get to know these candidates who are introduced in this issue and listed on the ballot. The original ballot, located on the mailing cover, must be received by mail on or before June 1—ballots received after that date will not be eligible. The candidates receiving the most votes will be announced at the International Meet in Reno in June, and in the July/August Riview.

It's January as I write this. Here in North Carolina we've had an unusually early six-inch snowfall and lots of ice. I hope this will be our winter event for the year. Others in the snow belt regions across the US and Canada have had an even colder start to winter. It's all the more reason to look forward to spring and summer and all the Riviera outings the warmer weather brings.

Reliable Experienced Mechanics
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Are you able to perform all the necessary maintenance on your Riviera? If not, do you have a trusted mechanic who is familiar with an older car? Bill Anderson, who writes the "At Random" column for the Riview, suggested in his last article that retired mechanics are an untapped resource. To quote Bill, "collector cars are outside the normal range of cars being serviced" at your local garage or dealership. Many of the younger mechanics rely on computer systems and are not as familiar with the simple systems, such as carburetors and distributors, still found in collectors. He suggests that many of the mechanics familiar with cars from the '50s–'70s are still around. Although they may be retired, they may be flattered and able to help. They merely need to be asked.

As Bill wrote in his column, "collector car owners often turn to car club technicians for help." Here at the ROA, we have many talented technical advisors listed on page 11 – ready to assist.

As director, I will occasionally receive an email or call asking if I know of a qualified mechanic in a specific area of the country. In most cases, I don't and I refer them to their closest Regional Coordinator. After reading Bill's informative column, I realized we can help by creating a list of reliable, experienced mechanics referred to us by members. Effective immediately, I've had a section added to the ROA website's "Member's Only" area that will list mechanics referred to us by members. I ask you to send me their name/business name, area of expertise, contact information, and location (city, state). This is just another way we can help each other maintain and ultimately enjoy our cars.

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