Director's Message

Keeping our Leadership Strong
Randall Crain #5360, President, Board of Trustees

Jason Zerbini

Our last issue included a ballot to vote for candidates wishing to serve on the ROA Board of Trustees. If you haven't sent it in, please do it before you put the Riview aside. Since board members are limited to two three-year term limits, we have an election every year. Last year, and this year, we have two openings, while next year there will only be one. The advantage of staggered voting is to have at least three experienced members to guide the association, while also allowing for "new blood" to become involved and respond to the needs and desires of the membership. We are again fortunate to have a very accomplished slate of candidates. Please take a few moments to review their resumes published in the last issue of the Riview, and mail in the attached postcard for your voice to be heard.

A notable date to mark on your calendars is June 1st, which is the deadline to register with our office and the hotel for our annual International Meet. The meet will be in Reno-Tahoe the week of June 26-29 and we expect to see many cars from the west coast that we don't see at other meets. The hotel has just awarded us a mid-week special for Monday–Wednesday at $54.99, a $20-a-day reduction if you identify yourself as an ROA member when you register.

Not only will there be many Rivieras on display, but the owners are some of the best folks in the world. Since we have peer judging, we expect every Riviera to line up proudly, regardless of age or condition. It's all about having a good time with others who also recognize that the Riviera is one of America's finest automobiles.

Maintain or Restore?
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

While preparing Jason's '66 frame-off restoration article for this issue I couldn't help but recall the many Rivieras I've owned over the years: several '65s, three boattails, as well as an S-Type, both anniversary models, a convertible, and a '95. Except for the '65s, most were unrestored originals that I drove, maintained, and enjoyed.

One of my favorites was a solid, unrestored Sahara Mist '65 with the deluxe saddle interior. It was exactly like the car pictured in the 1965 dealer's sales brochure. For years, this was my daily driver. Everything worked and it looked good enough to be on the cover of Chris Wolfe's first edition of Buick RIVIERA 1963-73, published in the mid-80s. I enjoyed the car as it was until it started to burn oil, so an overhaul was necessary. Not wanting to put a clean, rebuilt engine into a dirty shell, I detailed the engine compartment. Now, I had a strong engine, but what about the faded paint? Off to the paint and chrome shops.

One thing lead to another and I was on a search for new Saddle upholstery material and other parts to restore the car to perfection. I finally achieved my goal. However, it was so nice I hesitated to drive it daily. Where do I park it? The garage was already full. I decided to take it to the 1995 ROA Annual Meet in Lisle, IL and list it for sale. I ended up riding home in another member's car without my '65. I miss that car.

What's my point? I wanted the car to be at its best, but I improved it so much I couldn't enjoy it as I had. I get a warm fuzzy feeling driving Rivieras but would I ever do as Jason has done? No. I get too attached.

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