Director's Message

Board of Trustees Update & 2018 Meet
Randall Crain #5360, President, Board of Trustees

Jason Zerbini

I prepared this message before the June 1 ballot deadline for new Board of Trustees members. The results will be announced at the Annual meeting in Reno, posted on our website and announced in the September/October Riview.

It saddens me that after eight years of dedicated service, Jason Zerbini will be stepping down as a member of the ROA Board. In 2009, Jason, who polled second in a previous election, was appointed to fill an existing term due to an unexpected opening. After that he was voted to serve two regular terms. Our by-laws allow persons to serve for two consecutive three-year terms, not including a temporary appointment to fill a vacancy. Since 2009, Jason has served as secretary, as president, which was well-suited for his skills, and lastly as vice-president, to allow me to get acclimated as president. His knowledge of business, his professionalism, his levelheadedness, and many years of direct personal contact with members as a technical writer, regional coordinator, often face-to-face at annual meets, has made him a highly valued asset of the association. I am confident that he will continue to serve as a key contributor to the ROA in the years to come. We will surely miss him on the ROA Board of Trustees.

Information on the 2018 ROA International Meet is announced on page 35 of this issue and on our website. We are moving east to the Heartland of America. Our host hotel, the Double Tree by Hilton is in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, KS. The dates will be Monday through Thursday, June 25–28. It's never too early to mark your calendar and make plans to join us at what is expected to be a very large event.

Photo Gallery Added to the Website
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

A new Photo Gallery is now posted on the ROA website. The Gallery includes separate folders dedicated to previous ROA International Meets, as well as folders of special-edition models. The concept was initiated by Jason Zerbini, who has served on our Board of Trustees as president and vice president. Jason's two terms have expired and he stepped down this month— but not into retirement. I plan on keeping Jason busy not only with this project, but also with the master index, also posted on our website.

Over the past several months, Jason and I have been posting photos to give viewers a better feel of what our meets are all about. In addition to the photos I have collected as editor, many additional meet photos were provided by board member John Hellmuth. Also lending a hand has been our board president, Randall Crain.

The Gallery has separate folders for each meet dating back to 2005. Our goal is to include insight into the location, local attractions, club activities, award winners, and many of the cars in attendance. We also created separate folders for several special-edition Rivieras: the 1978 LXXV, celebrating Buick's 75th Anniversary; the 1983 XX, celebrating Riviera's 20th, and the 1999 Silver Arrow, the last generation. We included detailed photos and information to familiarize the viewers with each model's unique features.

The link will be posted on our homepage and continue to grow as time permits. The link will be accessible to all, whether they are members or not, to be appreciated by all. We feel that our events are more than just about cars. Many appreciate going to various locations around the US and consider the meet as a vacation for the entire family. It's been said many times that "the first time you come for the cars, the next time for the people." Visit our Gallery and enjoy the tour.

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