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Board of Trustees Update
Randall Crain #5360, President, Board of Trustees

Jason Zerbini

Because several Board members were unavailable for the annual meet in Reno, we moved our bi-annual Trustees Meeting to a conference call held on July 11, after the meet. Then, due to a resignation, we had to make another change from the norm.

John Hellmuth notified us he was resigning his board position due to personal reasons, feeling his time would be better served concentrating on his numerous other automotive interests. John was a valued member of the Board of Trustees, and we thank John very much for his service.

After a resignation, the board must appoint an eligible and qualified replacement. We turned to Gilbert Volling, who was one of the qualified candidates on the Trustees ballot this year. The Board worked quickly through emails and phone calls so that Gil could be officially installed to replace John in time for our meeting.

So, after we got all of the wrinkles ironed out, we bid farewell to Jason Zerbini, whose term was ending, after his years of great service to the Board, and welcomed new members Bob Wannall and Gil Volling and welcomed returning member Darrell Ingold.

At this meeting, we discussed the Directors detailed report and future plans. We also voted on the new positions to serve for the next year. I was nominated and will return as your President, Darrell will be your new Vice President, Bob will join us as your Secretary, Marty will remain your Treasurer, and Gil will be your newest Member of the Board. A list of Board Members and their contact information is listed on this page and on our website.

I, too, was unable to attend the Annual Meet this year, but I know it is covered in this issue (pages 16-21) as well as on our website. We do hope you will consider joining us in the Heartland next June.

New Material & Continued Growth
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

I've been asked on many occasions how do we, after 33 years, continue to find fresh information to publish on a limited production, one marque automobile? Especially since none have been built in the past 18 years.

The answer is quite simple, our members make it possible. I consider myself as a "collector" who distributes information I gather from our members. In fact, that's how the ROA began. In 1984, I was looking to find others who also appreciated the Riviera. I gathered some names from an old newsletter printed by a group of Riviera owners out of New Jersey. At first, I shared letters (no emails) with information on part sources and helpful hints. As the number of interested owners increased, the letters grew to a short newsletter, which later became a magazine called the Riview.

I mention this now as we end the Styling Studio series that began in January 2015. The exclusive photos were made possible by John Kyros at the GM Media Archive and Heritage Center. As with all our past articles, these articles are all available for viewing on our website, as is every Riview ever published.

I am grateful for many contributors such as Bill Anderson, whose very informative "At Random" columns have appeared in every issue since November 2001. Darwin Falk shared his research in several long-running series, as others have with restorations and tips. And I can't forget the owners who send us material for showcases and those who make the Classifieds possible by sharing parts and referrals for parts and services. Together, as a team, the Riview continues.

In the next Riview, we begin a series by Gordon Wolfgang, a member who worked in different divisions at General Motors from 1977–2008. He will share many behind-the-scene views on the production of the cars we own and treasure. Once again, I hope to include photos from the GM Media Archives.

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