Director's Message

Serving on the ROA Board of Trustees
Randall Crain #5360, President, Board of Trustees

Jason Zerbini

It's time again for members to submit their resumes if they are interested in serving on the ROA Board of Trustees. There is one opening on the Board for 2018. Marty Hillman, our Treasurer, reaches the end of a term he filled when there was a resignation in 2016. We appreciate Marty for stepping up. He has indicated he'll run again, so you'll see his name plus the names and personal information of any other candidates in the March/ April Riview and on an attached ballot. The position will be filled by the candidate who garners the highest vote total.

The ROA relies heavily on volunteers, serving on the board is one of many ways a member can contribute. Being on the Board is not difficult or time-consuming. We have two mandatory meetings per year—one in person at our annual meet and another by conference call. Both can be attended by conference call if you are unable to attend the meet. During the year, the board stays in touch by email and by conference calls, if necessary. Trustees work together to support our Director, who makes all aspects of the ROA function smoothly. Eligibility guidelines are listed in Section 5 of the by-laws found on the ROA website under the tab "All About the ROA." Resumes are due by January 1, 2018.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Different Strokes
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

I found the collection of cars featured in this issue to all be quite different. They are not unlike our membership: some prefer pristine restorations; others change and modify the appearance to their liking; while still others experience the pure enjoyment of an original, wellmaintained car, as it came from the factory. All are represented within this issue.

We look over the shoulder of Alan Mayes, who is a Rodder at heart, and how he and his team are in the process of making radical changes to an original '64. I expect to hear more from Alan as his project continues. On the other extreme is Claude Cruz, who proudly owns what he modestly calls a "good looking" '64. Other than a change of paint color to "dress it up," he made very few changes. DeWayne Ashmead, a serious collector of more than 60 rare cars, felt his collection was not complete without a 1971 boattail. The second showcase is about a beautiful '66 that was shipped new to Australia, where they drive on the "wrong" side of the road. That made it necessary to convert the car to right-hand drive (RHD). The mere thought of making that change is more than I can imagine.

Different stories, sure, but they just reflect how our membership's interests vary. Some have the talents and time to devote years to working on a frame-off restoration. Others may send the car to a professional restoration shop. However, I believe most of us look for a nice, clean example and over time make small improvements – some by our own hands, others with the help of professionals. Whatever works for you is great. The point is to own, drive, and enjoy one of America's finest automobiles.

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