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Selecting a Meet Site
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Each year around this time, we begin our search for a location to hold a future meet. Meet plans must be made two years in advance, to reserve hotel space. It has been the practice for the ROA to move back and forth across the United State to bring the meet close to as many members as possible. This is somewhat more complicated than it first appears.

For example, we know from experience that there are sections of the country where we don't have sufficient members to support a meet. Unlike some clubs, most of our members drive. Isn't that what the cars were built to do? Sure, some fly in to be part of the event, to greet friends, enjoy the social aspect of the week, and see many beautiful cars. Except for the few who fly, it is important to have the meet in an area that has sufficient members within a 500–1,000-mile radius.

With that radius in mind, we realize that many coastal towns and areas at the extreme corners of the country would be eliminated. Most of our members live in the north-east and north-central areas, but we do have members in every state. We published a list of past meets on page five of our Sept./Oct. 2017 issue. That list can also be found on our website. If you were to study the list, you will see we have been faithful to our practice to move around.

Just as in real estate where they say "location, location, location," the same holds true for us. That's why we try to find a location that is not only convenient to many but a place where members and their families would look forward to visiting for a week. You will see that in the past, we have been to many resorts and locations that have the "WOW" factor. These are places that are interesting, have many local attractions, are not congested, and are authentically travel destinations.

Another factor to consider is the facility; a hotel that is moderately priced, with clean rooms, good service, and ample space to park and show our cars. We require a hotel with a large banquet room where we hold our events, house our vendors, and provide food and beverages each day. We also require that the hotel be able to provide evening hors d'oeuvres and an awards banquet at an affordable rate to keep our registration fees as low as possible. I have contacted a hotel, where we stayed in the past and hear, "we just completed a five-million-dollar renovation. You'll love what we've done!" That only means that sleeping room rates have risen from approximately $99 a night to $150 or more. Two examples were in lake-front resorts in Lake Tahoe and Lake Geneva.

Last year, we were out west in Nevada, while this year we will be in the central U.S., conveniently located for many members. Next year, we move east to a location yet to be announced. But what about 2020? I welcome suggestions, but keep in mind, we don't go to inner cities where congestion and safety may be a concern. We prefer smaller hotels, where we are the main guest and not lost among many other events. We are not opposed to returning to a location that had been successful in the past and certainly open to new and interesting destinations.

Many will suggest their home towns, and why not? It cuts down on their travel. But chances are if the meet is local they would not stay at the hotel or support a full week's registration, and that is what we need to cover expenses. We've found local members only attend on show day to view the cars.

There you have it: the basic criteria for our International Meet planning. If you have a suggestion for a specific location, and better yet—a specific hotel, please send that information to me at

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