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Why Did We Join the ROA?
by Darrell Ingold #1237, Vice President, Board of Trustees

Ray Knott

There are many reasons why we each joined the ROA. For some, it was the shared pride in owning a Riviera, others may have joined for the technical help in restoring and maintaining their car, and of course, many because of the friendships they made with the people who are a part of this organization.

How about you? When did you first develop a passion for automobiles, especially a Riviera? Was it a friend or a neighbor who got you started? For me, it was family members. Interestingly and uniquely enough, my automotive interest started with my Mother and Grandmother. I can remember being about six years old when I started helping my Mother clean and wax her 1968 Corvette convertible and my Nana's 1963 Riviera. Whether it was spending time detailing, driving, or just sharing the passion for their cars, they instilled the bug into me forever. Unfortunately, they both passed on early in 2019, but all the great memories of spending time with them and enjoying a shared hobby will be forever with me.

Now I'm at the time when it's my turn to pass on that passion to the next generation. I still have my Nana's Riviera and I involve my son Zachary in car shows where he helps me clean and detail it. He has a strong interest in it, so hopefully he will carry the torch forward and keep the Riviera in our family for many years to come.

Let me offer a challenge: make sure you take your car out for a ride and be sure to take someone younger with you. We need to keep the younger generations interested in these special cars so that the passion for them and this organization is around for many more years to come. Happy motoring!


We Need Your Email Address
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

As technology has progressed, there are so many new ways to communicate. People increasingly use Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and texting, to name just a few. Not that many years ago, we communicated primarily through the US mail or telephone.

Our office previously prepared mailing labels for our Regional Coordinators to mail announcements to their local members. With email, Regional Coordinators can prepare a contact list from our membership roster, which is posted on our website and send a single, easily prepared message to many in a short time. That is, if your correct email is on the roster.

Unfortunately, many members either did not have email when they joined, changed email providers, or just neglected to provide one. We have found that we can reach more people much more quickly than by preparing letters, postcards or calling individuals and playing phone tag.

There are many ways email has made it possible for the ROA Office and Regional Coordinators to reach people with local announcements, renewal reminders and other helpful information. But it doesn't work if we don't have your current email.

I ask that you send an email to me or to Kim at the membership office. Either way it will get updated on the roster. Don't miss out, do it today!

It's time to update your email with the ROA

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