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What do you Want in an Annual Meet?
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

In recent issues, I have asked for suggestions to help us select locations for our annual International Meets. I thank those who replied. It has been our practice to move around the United States to bring the meet close to our members. Locations are selected where there are enough members to support the event. We also try to select interesting locations where members and their families would like to visit. I have heard a few members say that our meets plan their vacations— now, that's a heavy responsibility on us.

With very few exceptions, we've held our meets at the end of June, after schools close and before mid-summer temperatures. Years ago, we moved our meet from weekends to weekdays to keep long-distance travel to one week. We also find that because we usually go to resort areas, midweek room rates are lower. The traffic is less and crowds are fewer. Next year in Gettysburg, PA our meet is Tuesday through Friday so that members can stay a few extra days as the town prepares for their big July 4th celebration the following week.

For the past 34 years, we've planned organized group tours and free time to explore the local attractions. We also offer a large, comfortable air-conditioned Hospitality Room as a place to relax and socialize. That room is open all day and into the evening for various activities. In addition to our registration and club merchandise, that is also where you will find the vendors. Because we provide refreshments, entrance is restricted for the first three days. On the last day during the show, the Hospitality Room is open to the public, as is our display of Rivieras in a reserved area at the hotel.

I guarantee that on Show Day you will see more Rivieras in one place than you will ever see at any other event. Rivieras of every year from 1963-99 from unrestored daily drivers, back-yard restorations, and frame-offs to modified and customs. All are welcomed. We do not have strict judging and you are not held captive next to your car waiting for the judges. Every adult attendee gets a ballot, so they can roam through the show field and see all the cars, to select their favorites. It is designed to be relaxing, enjoyable, and informative—to see models unfamiliar to you.

In addition to location, how can we organize and schedule our meets to be more attractive to you? I seek out members who have attended past meets and ask them what would they change. For those who have never attended a ROA meet, I look forward to hearing from you as well.

Next June we will be in Gettysburg PA where there are many local attractions. We will have several bus tours, which are announced in this issue (page 34). Our host hotel is the Wyndham with great room rates for the area, and I know our room block will fill up quickly. Once our block is filled, we may not be able to increase it. I encourage you to make your reservations at the Wyndham now by calling 717-339-0020, pressing "3" and asking for "Riviera 2019." For online reservations, go to If you want to extend your visit beyond the June 25-28 meet dates, the same rates will be available two days before and after, but only available if you call (not available online).

Don't delay—register now to reserve your room and with the ROA to ensure a seat on the tours.

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