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More or Less?
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

I have been publishing the Riview since 1984. Sure, for the first two years it was not much more than a newsletter and then I took a break for three years from mid-2003 to late 2006. Early retirement didn't work out, as many of you know. My point is that when I started the ROA, several members asked how can you expect to find enough material to fill 36 pages every other month on one marque that was only built for 35 years? Well, so far, with your help, we have published 204 issues and haven't run out of material. Since our back issues are all available on our website and there is a current index posted to locate articles, one can see that we haven't been repeating material previously published.

Over the years, members have stepped-up and shared their experiences and knowledge to fill the pages of the Riview with interesting and informative articles. Darwin Falk's series on factory literature entitled "In the Book" and "Options Not Included" listing options have both been added to our website. Others such as Bill Anderson's "At Random" and Jason Zerbini's restoration tips are other examples. Other series such as the "Evolution of the Riviera" which highlights each year and included charts for colors, trims, and engine codes have also been added to our website. Last September, we concluded the 17-part series on the GM Styling Studio, with many photos provided by the GM Archives. Currently, we are near the end of the "Rivieras in Print" series and insight into a GM assembly plant.

I hope to provide more information and tips and feature more cars from late '70s through 1999. We have many members who own cars manufactured during these years, who can share information, and submit showcase articles for the Riview. If you monitor internet discussion forums that focus on the later years and see helpful information, please send this information to me for publication in the Riview.

Several suggestions I have to offer are sharing a restoration project with tips and photos which help to break-up a long story and help the reader visualize the project. If you have taken the time to check out the older issues posted on our website, you will notice that we published many short technical tips. We don't expect every technical article to be two full pages with photos. If you have learned something new, discovered a better way to make that repair or found a good source for a part, just let us know.

We don't limit showcase articles to perfect show cars. That's not what most of us own and enjoy. If you drive the car, it will always need something. Whether they are daily drivers, fair-weather drivers, or just driven to shows, I would like to hear about your experience owning a classic Riviera. I ask that you share your story with photos. If that sounds intimidating, it shouldn't. We have prepared guidelines for writing an article and taking photos. If you are interested, just contact me and request the guidelines. If you feel you are not an accomplished writer, again not a problem— we have a team to correct those misspellings and organize your thoughts.

What would you like to see more of or less of in the Riview? Do you have a suggestion for something new and fresh, or shall we go back 20-30 years and reprint some articles that we could now showcase better in color? Even better, what articles or short tips would you be interested in preparing? Let me know at ray@

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