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Reaching Out
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

In recent Editorials, I have encouraged members to share their thoughts, information, and experience on several issues. In March of last year, I announced that we were adding a list of "Reliable Experienced Mechanics" to our website. I asked for the names of local shops you would recommend, so that we might share those that work on engines, transmissions, or body repair. We have received a few and they are posted on the Member's side of our website. I would like to see more. This list can be very valuable to others and they also support the people who have served you well.

In January of this year, I asked that you share an experience searching for parts. We all know how difficult it has become to find a part regardless of the age of your Riviera. This could be a story on your search through a local salvage yard, on the internet, or through classified ads in the Riview. If you ever want to take a trip down memory lane, look through the Riview Classifieds from 25-30 years ago, posted on our website. There, you will see that many parts—now hard to get—were available and at prices that will bring a tear to your eye.

In March, I asked for suggestions on where to hold future meets. Some responses were predictable as members suggested their town. One might say that they were being selfish, but who else would better know the best local hotels and attractions? Several suggested a return to previous locations. I try that frequently and often I get a response from the hotel staff of how much money they spent to upgrade the hotel since our last visit. Of course, that translates into much higher room rates. Since we require hotels with large meeting rooms, catering service, and ideal parking, we are finding, as with everything else, room rates are increasing. To get those concessions, we must promise a block of sleeping rooms and that's where we need your support. The most important question is do we have enough members in that area of the US to support a meet? To ensure the largest turnout, we could stay in the north-eastern part of the US, but is that fair to those outside of that area? I don't think so. Please continue to send me your suggestions.

In May, I encouraged members to send us stories and photos for a Member's Showcase. We've prepared instructions to guide you through the process of taking photos and writing your story. These guidelines are available upon request. You need not be a professional writer—I'm certainly not—that's why I have plenty of help. And we will give you that help as well. I do require that your story be between 700-800 words in Microsoft Word format. Please—not handwritten! The photos must be digital and hi-resolution is required to get clear photos in the Riview. I'll be happy to work step-by-step with you to accomplish our goal. Now is the time—while the weather is pleasant—to drive the car to a nice setting and take photos.

In the previous issue, I asked if you wanted to see "More or Less in the Riview." Having just completed the GM Plant series, how about a series on "Inside a Buick Dealership?" Many of the Q&As that we receive from the AACA Forum cover cars from the '60s. However, there are other forums that address performance and newer models. I am looking for a member(s) who frequent these forums to send me interesting technical Q&As that I can share with others who are not online.

Hope to hear from you on any or all of the above.

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