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Director's Message

By Marty Hillman #141, Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Ray Knott

I joined the Riviera Owners Association in 1985, and because I was living in Alaska, attending the annual meets was not an option. The Riview was my salvation and only connection to the ROA.

After moving back to Oregon, I attended the 2002 Annual ROA Meet in Klamath Falls. There, Ray asked for help to park cars for the show. I volunteered and helped John Andreassen, who has become a long-time friend, simply from parking cars together. In 2006 at Flagstaff, I helped John again and met Woody— another new friend. At Asheville in 2007, Gene, Dave and Chip were added. Later came George, Galen, Jason and Ronda. On to Galena in 2008, where I met Randall, Ed, Sherry, Scott, Bob, Joyce and Warren who have also became welcome friends. And even later was Bob, Darrell and Gil. The list keeps growing with each meet. So many new friends that the list is longer than space permits. It all started because I volunteered to park cars. Since then, I have attended every meet, missing only Williamsburg in 2016.

I was told the first time you attend a ROA meet it's for the cars and later for the people and new friendships. Had I not volunteered, I would have missed out on a whole lot of friendships and the ROA experience. As a volunteer, I have helped at meets to register cars, stuff goody bags, count ballots, or whatever else was needed. There are many other opportunities to volunteer; be a tech advisor, a regional coordinator, send in tips and articles on your car, or join us on the Board of Trustees. If interested, take the next step—volunteer and make new friends.


New Office Manager
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Four years ago, we hired Joe and Palaua Sparacino as our office managers. They both had experience in the retail auto business and an interest in collector cars. Joe was retired and Palaua is employed as an office manager for a Colorado state agency. This worked out well, since Joe could run to the post office, open mail, respond to emails and answer the phone during the day. Palaua was more experienced with computers and did much of the technical work in the evenings. All went well until last year when we lost Joe to illness. Palaua wanted to continue; unfortunately, the responsibilities became overwhelming for Palaua. In January, she gave me a three-month notice.

Four years earlier, I considered someone I knew and worked with for many years to be our Office Manager. But at the time, she was unable to take on the responsibilities having the care of elderly parents. Now she is available and anxious to assume the position as Office Manager. Kim Orcutt took over on March 1 and is learning all that is required to serve our members in a timely manner. Although Kim works for the City of Lakewood during the day, she will return calls and respond to emails in an efficient manner.

I ask for your patience and understanding if your calls for help and advice were late or ignored and if merchandise took too long to arrive. We strive to return to the efficient customer service we have been able to give in the past. However, if at any time you have a concern, I am available at or at 303-952-0239.

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