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Rivieras for Sale

The Rivieras listed here have appeared in our magazine (the Riview) and been submitted by members and non-members, who contacted us directly. In many cases these cars are not listed anywhere else.  We will post Rivieras on this public site approximately one month after they have appeared in the Riview, to give our members the first opportunity.

In order to get your Riviera listed, e-mail your classified ad, limited to 40 words or less, to and be sure to include your full name, a price and city / state where the car is located. If the seller is a dealer, please identify yourself as such. The ads will be listed in the Riview and will only be repeated if requested by a member. We reserve the right to edit or refuse ads based on their content.

We would appreciate an e-mail notifying us if the car has sold, so the ad can be removed.

Sellers Beware

Don’t fall victim to internet scams. Do not consider sales to anyone who sends a certified check for more than the asking price, then asks the seller  to pay the transport driver the difference in cash along with the title. A month later you  find out the cashier’s check is fraudulent and your are out the cash and the car. Only accept cash or wait until the check or money order clears.

(NOTE - Member's ads are not posted on the Public side unless requested)

1963, White, custom black-and-white upholstery in deluxe interior, 111K, REDUCED $3,500 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $13,500. Dealer, 386-281-5353, Ormond Beach, FL.

1963, Marlin Blue, standard blue interior, 38K, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $16,900. Dealer, 630-443-4582, St Charles, IL.

1963, Black, standard silver interior, 74K, crank windows, standard wheel caps, REDUCED $3,000 since July, and another $3,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview. $21,900. Dealer, 877-422-1620, Denver, CO.

1963, Marlin Blue, deluxe saddle interior, rebuilt 401, very clean, $24,995. Dealer, Roseville, CA.

1963, Red, white interior, no mileage given, Good Wrench crate 350 V–8, 700R4 o/d automatic, many options, Rallye wheels, RF, nice paint and body, $16,500 OBO. Private, 616-868-7086, Grand Rapids, MI.

1963, Blue, blue interior, 100K, $13,500. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Orangevale, CA.

1963, Teal Mist, blue vinyl and cloth interior, 92K, power windows and vents, power driver’s seat, rear window defroster, tilt wheel, wire wheel covers, $19,000. Dealer, 262-891-4253, Milwaukee, WI.

1963, White, black interior, 72K, wire hubcaps, wide whitewalls, AM/FM, tilt wheel, power seat and windows, REDUCED $1,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, now $23,000. Dealer, 708-444-4488, Chicago, IL.

1963, Brown, silver interior, 74K, $21,900. Dealer, 844-799-9685, Denver, CO.

1963, Disassembled for painting the original red, original 401, and two-speed transmission, also a rebuilt 1964 425 with 2 three-speed transmissions, one is a “switch pitch,” $7,500. Roger Chavez,, 719-424-1421, Colorado Springs, CO.

1964, Project, gray primer, interior sun rot, $4,850. Desert Valley Auto, 888-313-7032, Phoenix, AZ.

1964, Black, mileage not listed, $9,000. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Riverdale, IL.

1964, Silver, deluxe black interior, mileage not listed, very clean, $21,000. 480-203-9973, Scottsdale, AZ.

1964, Wedgewood Blue, white deluxe interior, dual quads, no mileage given, positive-traction differential, cruise, four-note horn, Wonderbar AM radio, power seat, tilt wheel, no A/C, standard wheel covers, $26,500. Dealer, 817-750-1040, Fort Worth, TX.

1964, White, blue standard interior completely redone from headliner to floor mats, new tires, Bluetooth hands-free system, $25,900. Dealer, 309-585-9563, El Paso, IL.

1964, Gold, standard saddle interior, 45K, crank windows, no A/C, standard wheel covers, REDUCED $3,200 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $21,550. Dealer, 888-690-4502, Mundelein, IL.

1964, Blue, blue and white interior, 98K, Cragar chrome wheels, no A/C, original engine, 342 posi, cam, 600 Holley secondary vacuum, bored 30 over, fast, no hesitation, car located at client’s home, $17,000. Consignment dealer, 516-376-3471, Long Island, NY.

1965, Light brown, tan interior, less than 5K on overhauled 401ci, mechanically restored from “tires-up,” portions of interior stored and need to be put back in car, overall excellent condition, $17,500. Vernon Ammon,, 662-418-5154. Starkville, MS. REF

1965, Deep Purple, custom black-&-white diamond-tucked vinyl interior in great condition, stored past 17 years, body was re-done, 401 ci engine runs good, bumpers need chrome, clam shells need motor, REDUCED $4,800 since Nov./Dec. Riview, $18,000. Gene Montoya #15818,, Mt. Vernon,

1965, Seafoam Mist, deluxe green interior, 77K, aftermarket wheels, 401, excellent condition, $31,995. Dealer, 888-310-8723, Brea, CA.

1965, Champagne Mist, deluxe saddle interior, 30K, excellent condition, $34,500. Dealer, 310-297-2671, Los Angeles, CA.

1965 Gran Sport, red, deluxe black interior, 98K, has single carb and GS emblems, paint faded, $22,000. Private, 901-465-0608, Oakland, TN.

1965, Red, saddle interior, 90K, $34,900. Dealer, 855-657-8796, Celina, OH.

1966, Gold, black bench seat, 74K, runs well, needs paint and some upholstery work, $4,000. 201-667-0108, Clinton, NJ.

1966, Red, deluxe black interior, 91K, need upholstery, $6,895. Consignment dealer, 231-468-2809, Cadillac, MI.

1966, Gold, deluxe black interior, 30K, very clean, $24,500. Dealer, 973-759-1109, Belleville, NJ.

1967, White, deluxe tan cloth seats, 121K, AM/FM, Rallye wheels, remanufactured Rochester 4-bbl carb, REDUCED $4,000 since last Riview, now $23,995. Consignment dealer, 866-650-0345, Mesa, AZ.

1967, Copper, white interior, no mileage given, Arizona car, new tires and A/C, original vinyl upholstery, perfect chrome and glass, RF, $21,500. Private, 734-945-7002, Pinckney, MI.

1967, Blue, black buckets with short console, needs paint and upholstery, rebuilt engine, 430 block, 455 heads, sitting for years, some rust in rear quarters, $2,500. Randy Mann,, 509-434-6189, Spokane, WA.

1968, White, blue buckets, 76K, REDUCED $4,400 since appearing in the Sept./Oct. Riview, now $15,500. 616-888-3230, Grand Rapids, MI.

1968, Gray, gray buckets with console, 42K, very clean, $16,900. Dealer, 765-203-1427, Anderson, IN.

1968, Silver, no vinyl top, tan interior, 69K, $16,500. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Las Vegas, NV.

1968, Green, dark green vinyl top, tan interior, 45K, sat since the ’80s, engine rebuild has less than 1K, driven weekly, ready to find the next one, $16,000. Private, 512-298-9325, Cedar Creek, TX.

1968, White Pearl, blue, bucket seats, 78K, 17-inch rally wheels, new tires, original window sticker, dealer invoice, Protect-O-Plate, REDUCED $4,400 since July/Aug. Riview, $15,500. Dealer, 844-460-2680, Grand Rapids, MI.

1968, Tan, brown vinyl top, tan bench seats, 120K, garage kept, RF, no dents or accidents, electronic ignition, new radiator, alternator, completely rebuilt front end, much other work, $24,000. Private, 504-309-1599, New Orleans, LA.

1969, Verde Green, white top, green interior, 85K, restoration several years old, Pioneer AM/FM/cassette, aftermarket cold air intake, Holley Performance 4-barrel, A/C needs work, REDUCED $7,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now another $1,000, to $18,995. Dealer, 615-930-0600, Nashville, TN.

1969 GS, White, black vinyl top, black cloth interior, 57K, aftermarket AM/FM/CD under the dash, alloy wheels, regular maintenance and updates, $19,500. Dealer, 813-645-6200, Tampa, FL.

1969, Olive Green, black interior and vinyl top, 77K, Pioneer stereo, well-maintained since new, original documents, recent paint, engine restoration in 2010, $29,900. Dealer, 888-545-2512, Salem, OH.

1970, Beige, tan vinyl top, tan buckets with short console, 58K, full skirts, side chrome strip, very clean, $11,995. Dealer, 833-826-3613, Hope Mills, NC.

1970, Azure Blue, blue vinyl interior, white vinyl top, 61K, 500 miles on engine rebuild, A/C not blowing cold, Kenwood Radio/CD in glove box, 8-track, Rallye wheels, full skirts, REDUCED $7,500 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $17,000. Consignment dealer, 708-444-4488, located in Crete, IL.

1970, Yellow, tan vinyl top and interior, 58K, Rallye wheels, full skirts, new tires, battery, and radiator, ice cold A/C converted to 134A, everything works as intended, $11,995. Dealer, 833-826-3613, Hope Mills, NC.

1972 GS, white, deluxe tan interior, 70K, $29,995. Consignment dealer, 888-312-7654, Concord, NV.

1972, Silver, vinyl top, buckets with console, 57K, REDUCED only $500 since listed in Sept./Oct. Riview, now $31,000. Dealer, 623-900-4884, Scottsdale, AZ.

1972, Two-tone gray, standard black buckets, 142K, custom split front bumper, custom wheels, $21,500. Dealer, 888-875-1007, Santa Paula, CA.

1972 GS, Green, tan interior, 112K, $16,900. Dealer, 763-434-6565, Ham Lake, MN,

1973, Bamboo Cream, light brown interior, 70K, runs great, always garaged, $13,000. Ed Giebel,, 303-319-1703, Billings, MT.

1973 GS, Red, no vinyl top, deluxe interior, 36K, $21,900. Dealer, 909-596-5700, La Verne, CA

1973, White, red interior, 36K, all original, stored, excellent condition, original documents, $16,000. Dealer, 425-308-0834, Clearview, WA.

1973 GS, blue, deluxe blue cloth interior, 116K, all original, sunroof, $14,900. Private, 951-735-4831, Riverside, CA.

1973, Burnt Orange, no vinyl top, tan fabric deluxe interior, 103K, custom split front bumper, $27,500. Dealer, 833-724-1713, West Pillson, PA.

1973, Black, black buckets with console, 26K, restored engine, paint and interior, $34,000. Dealer, 856-599-4100, Philadelphia, PA.

1973, Red, ugly green and white buckets with console, no front bumper, needs paint, $7,495. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1973, White, no vinyl top, deluxe tan interior, $14,995. Consignment dealer, 866-983-7394, Cadillac, MI.

1974, Gold, dark brown top, deluxe tan interior, 95K, Vogue tires, fully restored, REDUCED $3,500 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $18,995. Dealer, 330-453-8900, Canton, OH.

1975, White, white top, tan buckets with console, 46K, excellent condition, REDUCED $1,620 since last Riview, now $15,230. Dealer, 605-359-1103, Sioux Falls, SD.

1975, Silver, matching Landau, red cloth 60/40 interior, 47K, one owner, excellent condition, REDUCED $2,000 since last Riview, now $10,995. Dealer, 518-333-9883, Saratoga Springs, NY.

1978, Burgundy and Silver, red cloth, 78K, original documents, over $10,000 invested, $5,500. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

1979, S-Type, White, no vinyl top, tan leather interior, S-Type black dash, turbo V-6, 84K, REDUCED $1,000, since last Riview, now $7,000. Dealer, 605-692-7010, Brookings, SD.

1979, White, white vinyl top, red interior, 70K, $7,495. Dealer, 440-434-3423, Painesville, OH.

1979, White, light blue top and interior, 75K, turbo V-6, REDUCED $3,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $6,950. Dealer, 618-414-4184, Staunton, IL.

1980, Dark Brown, light brown top and interior, 92K, $7,495. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1980, Two tone light grey and blue, blue interior, 88K, one owner, always garaged, original bill of sale, new tires, 8-track tape and AM/FM radio, $6,500., 313-538-5646, 586-422-4854, Detroit, MI. 

1982, Convertible, white, 66K, includes service records, REDUCED $3,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $16,900. Dealer, 720-465-5104, Englewood, CO.

1982, Blue, dark blue top and interior, 36K, $14,995. Dealer, 480-526-4609, Mesa, AZ.

1983, White, white top and burgundy interior, 95K, $4,999. 262-465-4076, Muskego, WI.

1983, Convertible, white, 108K, $8,000. Dealer, 618-274-3000, St Louis, MO.

1983, Convertible, white, 109K, always garaged, new bumper fillers, top and boot, straight body, new paint, great interior, mechanically runs and drives well, REDUCED $2,000 since July/August Riview, now $6,750. Wally Williams #12051,, 203-261-4383, Easton, CT.

1984, Burgundy, white top and burgundy interior, 37K, factory sunroof, looks great, REDUCED $10,900 since Sept./Oct. Riview, now $12,500. Dealer, 949-220-2401, Costa Mesa, CA.

1984, White, white top, 76K, $6,500. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Baytown, TX.

1984, Convertible, white, 93K, sport wheel, electronic climate control, aftermarket hubcaps, REDUCED $3,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, now $11,500. Dealer, 708-444-4488, O’Fallon, IL.

1984, White, white top, red interior, 48K, sport steering wheel, very clean, $6,900. Dealer, 606-286-6166, Olive Hill, KY.

1984, Convertible, Firemist Red, excellent condition, 43K, $14,995. Dealer, 847-807-1900, Gurnee, IL.

1984, White, red interior, 34K, $15,500. Dealer, 812-294-1555, Louisville, TN.

1984, Beige, brown top and interior, 39K, $9,300. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Denver, CO.

1984, Gold, 50K, $9,500. Dealer, 651-345-5578, Lake City, MN.

1984, Blue, blue top and interior, 92K, new paint, very clean, $6,000. Dealer, 309-326-5847, Toulon, IL.

1984, Light Brown, dark brown top and interior, 50K, $11,900. Dealer, 855-886-7429, Macomb, MI.

1984, Beige, no vinyl top, tan interior, 68K, $6,900. Dealer, 856-373-0911, Stratford, NJ.

1984, Blue, dark blue carriage top and interior, 41K, $4,480. Dealer, 855-849-4097, Ramsey, MN.

1985, Blue, gray top and interior, 72K, REDUCED $1,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $6,995. Dealer, 888-600-9291, Mesa, AZ.

1985, Convertible, white, 85K, health forces sale, $8,900. Private, 228-334-5345, 228-281-2060, Ocean Springs, MS.

1985, Blue, white top, blue interior, 65K, REDUCED $2,600 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $6,900. Dealer, 660-628-0525, Macon, MO.

1985, Light Brown, brown top and interior, 40K, REDUCED $2,000 since Sept./Nov. Riview, now $7,500. Private, 203-494-5587, New Haven, CT.

1985, Black, gray interior, 26K, sport wheel, $7,000. Private, 848-207-0692, Weehawken, NJ.

1985, Burgundy, no vinyl top, 16K, $13,500. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Harrisville, MI.

1985,Blue, gray leather interior, factory sunroof, 134K, $2,500. Private, 973-751-3718, Belleville, NJ.

1985, Gold, tan interior, 22K, $5,000. Dealer, 855-600-7750, Luskville, Quebec, Canada.

1985, White, white top, tan interior, 18K, REDUCED $5,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, $19,900. Dealer, 636-535-2969, Fenton, MO. S

1989, Blue, dark blue interior, 102K, $2,990. Buick dealer, 833-342-6001, Boonville, IN. AT

1990, Dark Blue in and out, 82K, all original, immaculate, no winters, $9,500. Carl, 585-746-4414,, Rochester, NY.

1990, Tan, tan interior, 89K, $4,990. Dealer, 816-431-6882, Platte City, MO.

1990, Blue, blue interior, 195K, prestige package, very clean, $9,995. Dealer, 877-524-9700, Pound Ridge, NY.

1990, Pearl White, dark blue interior, 27K, dark blue carriage top, always garaged, no winter driving, $5,900. Dealer, 847-624-4220, Niles, IL.

1990, Beige, beige interior, 89K, $4,990. Dealer, 816-219-1398, Tracy, MO.

1990, White, blue top and interior, 72K, $3,995. Dealer, 812-714-8082, Spenser, IN.

1991, Pewter, beige interior, 110K, alloy wheels, $4,995. Dealer, 270-688-9015, Owensboro, KY.

1992, Red, silver trim, gray interior, 181K, alloy wheels, very clean, REDUCED $700 since last Riview, now $2,999. Dealer, 253-265-9509, Lakewood, WA.

1992, Silver, no vinyl top,106K, alloy wheels REDUCED $1,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $2,995. Dealer, 636-287-0516, Arnold, MO.

1992, White, no vinyl top, red interior, 78K, $6,950. Dealer, 941-359-2772, Bradenton, FL. AT.

1992, White, no vinyl top, tan interior, 81K, aftermarket wire wheels, $3,995. Dealer, 330-616-2205, Akron. OH

1995, Black, 95K, Supercharged, one family owned, $4,995. Dealer, 334-245-0564, Montgomery, AL

1995, Platinum Beige, taupe interior, 56K, Supercharged, excellent condition, garaged, $9,000. Shane Henderson,, 443-631-4580, Dayton, MD.

1995, Silver, gray, 186K, Supercharged, $1,200. Dealer, 833-440-3700, Cornwell, WI.

1995, Gold, taupe, 104K, REDUCED $1,000 since last Riview, now $4,995. Dealer, 832-923-5986, Houston, TX.

1995, Blue, gray interior, 95K, $2,995. Dealer, 503-897-1816, Cornelius, OR.

1995, Red, 123K, $3,995. Dealer, 901-946-0817, Memphis, TN.

1995, Blue, blue cloth seats, 109K, Supercharged, $2,995. Dealer, 541-249-4361, Baker City, OR.

1995, Blue, blue interior, 66K, Supercharged, $4,995. Dealer, 708-478-9056, Markham, IL,

1996, Tan, 89K miles, Supercharged, one owner, turbo replaced, all service records, $10,000. 855-600-7750, Blind Bay, BC, Canada.

1996, White, dark carriage top, cloth seats, 35K, $19,949. Buick dealer, 330-752-0719, Akron, OH.

1996, FREE, not running, Supercharged, fuel pump problem, 122K, deer strike damage to front left, clear title, just pick it up. Todd Rutherford,, 513-382-8735, Cincinnati, OH.

1997, Pearl Red, taupe interior, 174K, Supercharged, SE Prestige package, chrome wheels, REDUCED $2,100 since Sept./Oct. Riview, $1,000 since last issue, now $4,877. Dealer, 720-236-1277, Castle Rock, CO.

1997, White, red interior, 89K, Supercharged, wood dash kit, chrome wheels, $8,000. Dealer, 309-686-1179, Peoria, IL.

1997, Silver, dark fabric top, Supercharged, $1,700. Dealer, 866-388-9778, Hurricane, UT.

1997, Blue, blue interior, 123K, Supercharged, $2,600. Dealer, 716-629-2060, N. Tonawanda, NY.

1997, Silver, taupe interior, $2,400. Dealer, 928-704-0060, Bullhead City, AZ.

1998, Gray, gray interior, 174K, optional wood dash kit, REDUCED $1,000 since last Riview, now $1,995. Dealer, 630-359-3900, Elmhurst, IL.

1998, White, taupe interior, 205K, sunroof, $2,480. Dealer, 913-728-5248, Olathe, KS.

1998, Red, 126K, $3,499. Dealer, 713-538-7982, N. Caney, TX.

1999, Green, taupe interior, 152K, $2,900. Dealer, 810-845-0795, Holly, MI.

1999, Red, no mileage listed, third owner, rebuilt trans, maintenance receipts, chrome wheels, excellent condition, $8,495. Consignment dealer, 866-983-7394, Cadillac, MI.




Updated April 2, 2020


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