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Rivieras for Sale

The Rivieras listed here have appeared in our magazine (the Riview) and been submitted by members and non-members, who contacted us directly. In many cases these cars are not listed anywhere else.  We will post Rivieras on this public site approximately one month after they have appeared in the Riview, to give our members the first opportunity.

In order to get your Riviera listed, e-mail your classified ad, limited to 40 words or less, to and be sure to include your full name, a price and city / state where the car is located. If the seller is a dealer, please identify yourself as such. The ads will be listed in the Riview and will only be repeated if requested by a member. We reserve the right to edit or refuse ads based on their content.

We would appreciate an e-mail notifying us if the car has sold, so the ad can be removed.

Sellers Beware

Don’t fall victim to internet scams. Do not consider sales to anyone who sends a certified check for more than the asking price, then asks the seller  to pay the transport driver the difference in cash along with the title. A month later you  find out the cashier’s check is fraudulent and your are out the cash and the car. Only accept cash or wait until the check or money order clears.

(NOTE - Member's ads are not posted on the Public side unless requested)

1963, Black, gray interior, 74K, standard wheel covers, REDUCED $2,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, $16,000. Dealer, 303-816-3871, Englewood, CO.

1963, Two-car collection of rust-free solid cars, sat in AZ sun for the past 20 years and neither engines nor restorations ever started, includes many parts that were stored inside, $17,000 negotiable. Jed Keith,, 502-705-1960, Cotsa Grande, AZ.

1963, Burgundy, deluxe Sandalwood interior, 74K, one owner, original documents, $26,500. Dealer, 888-381-8063, Bremen, GA.

1963, Project, requires total restoration, $2,000. Dealer, 844-389-8080, Gary Court, SC.

1963, Gold, 52K, solid, but needs work, $10,000. Dealer, 844-862-4423, Gary Court, SC.

1963, Black, red accent lines, custom red and black interior, nicely done, $22,999. Dealer, 715-316-4459, Black River Falls, WO.

1963, Burgundy, deluxe Sandalwood interior, 74K, alloy wheels, $24,500. Dealer, 770-691-1844, Bremen, GA

1963, Black, deluxe silver interior, 91K, restored, $25,800. Private, 864-915-7823, Greenville, SC.

1963, Desert Sand, deluxe fawn leather interior, 49K, like new, Guidematic, power trunk release, more, $34,900. Dealer, 877-919-2366, Homer City, PA.

1964, Black prime, deluxe white interior, non-original 401ci, REDUCED $3,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, now $12,000. Private, 480-343-2388, Chandler, AZ.

1964, Burgundy, standard black interior, custom wheels, $34,995. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1964, Silver, black interior, $19,995. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1964, Silver, deluxe black interior, rebuilt engine 500 miles ago, same owner for 25 years, $32,500. Dealer, 833-295-3241, Calverton, NY.

1964, Light Green, standard fawn interior, 125K, no A/C, manual windows, very clean, $19,995. Dealer, 630-621-4235, Aurora, IL.

1964, Black, deluxe black interior, 51K, $31,500. Dealer, 586-666-1499, Fraser, MI.

1964, Silver, 73K, $17,500. Dealer, 973-670-6500, Sparta, NJ.

1964, Red, deluxe black interior, 70K, clean, engine detailed, $31,500. Dealer, 586-791-0778, Fraser, MI.

1964, White, standard red interior, clean, older paint, kept original, $14,900. Dealer, 888-540-0687, Marina Del Rey, CA.

1964, Dark Blue, $32,900. Dealer, 507-388-1726, Mankato, MN.

1964, Silver, deluxe black interior, 58K with documents, excellent condition, same owner last 20 years, $34,995. Dealer, 866-959-3131, Rogers, MN.

1964, White, deluxe black interior, 86K, exceptionally clean, $34,900. Dealer, 866-885-2701, Charlotte, NC.

1964, Marlin Blue, standard blue interior, wood steering wheel, garage find, needs paint, $8,500. Dealer, 888-879-5014, Hollywood, FL.

1965, Champagne Mist, deluxe interior, restored with custom tan cloth upholstery, 74K, roll-up windows, aftermarket wood steering wheel, wood veneer restored, REDUCED $3,000 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $34,995. Dealer, 682-334-8824, Fort Worth, TX.

1965, Dark Blue, standard black interior, 100K, $24,995. Dealer, 310-341-0310, Los Angeles, CA.

1965, Verde Green, deluxe green interior, 90K, original paint, some cracking, rust on trunk floor, $24,500. Dealer, 866-953-0224, W. Babylon, NY.

1965, Blue, blue cloth interior, 95K, excellent condition, custom wheels, $35,500. Private, 972-263-7117, Grand Prairie, TX.

1966, Black, standard black bench interior, 51K, $34,000. Dealer, 877-816-4791, N. Chicago.

1966, Black, no vinyl top, deluxe light green interior 14K, $29,900. Dealer, 877-818-7657, Nashville, TN.

1967, Platinum Mist, black top, deluxe black Strato bench, 33K, shows well, $29,900. Dealer, 866-981-9005, Morgantown, PA.

1969, Copper Mist, beige vinyl top and cloth bench interior, 83K, REDUCED $4,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, $24,500. Dealer, 888-869-5495, South Hackensack, NJ

1969 GS, Brown, white vinyl top, white buckets with console, needs driver-seat upholstery, 88K, $12,495. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1969, Brown, light brown top, deluxe tan cloth buckets with console, 50K, $11,495. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI. ATC

1969 GS, White, white vinyl top, red Notchback bench, 60K, clean, $33,500. Dealer, 702-766-8084, Las Vegas, NV

1969, White, black vinyl top, black interior, 57K, custom wheels, $20,000. Dealer, 813-437-1915, Tampa, FL.

1969, White, black vinyl top and black cloth interior, $22,500. Dealer, 289-244-7080, Hamilton, Ont., Canada.

1969, Light Cream, brown vinyl top, white Notchback bench, 51K, exceptional, $16,900. Dealer, 309-820-1505, Bloomington, IL.

1969, White, black vinyl top, light green Notchback bench, 84K, third owner, $18,900. Dealer, 844-334-3881, Groveland, CA. ATC

1970, Sea Mist Green, dark green top, green vinyl bench, 81K, full skirts, excellent condition, except minor damage right rear quarter, REDUCED $1,100 since July/Aug. Riview, now $8,900. Consignment dealer, 888-227-0914, Morgantown, PA.

1970, Blue, no vinyl top, 88K, short skirts, has side trim and rebuilt engine, $17,000. Dealer, 217-971-4691, Mason City, IL.

1971, Flattened Machine Gray with Imron coating, burgundy interior, 135K, painted bumpers, split front bumper, ‘56 Roadmaster portholes on fenders, straight, runs well, $3,500. Robert,, 540-255-3767, Staunton, VA.

1972, Light Brown, beige vinyl top, tan Notchback interior, 69K, $29,900. Dealer, 269-225-6670, Battle Creek, MI.

1972, Green metallic, dark green vinyl top, deluxe green cloth interior, second owner, all original, $22,000. Dealer, 717-392-2888, Lancaster, PA.

1973, Two tone, burgundy over silver, deluxe white interior, 32K, attractive combination, no A/C, removable steering wheel, “No wheel, no steal,” excellent condition, REDUCED $3,000 since the Sept./Oct. Riview, now $15,000. Gladys Lacey,, 510- 888-9454, Hayward, CA.

1973, Bamboo Cream, full white vinyl top, deluxe sandalwood cloth interior, 50K, ROA decal in window, excellent condition, REDUCED $7,000 since Sept./Oct. Riview, now $24,900. Dealer, 888-312-5203, 888-690-4502, Mundelein, IL.

1973, Burgundy, gray vinyl top, deluxe red interior, split front bumper, aftermarket wire wheels, $22,995. Dealer, 855-960-2089, Lutz, FL

1974 GS, Bronze, brown vinyl top, red cloth interior, clean, $9,950. Dealer, 888-960-2728, Staunton, IL. HMN

1979, Pewter Gray, gray vinyl top, $4,795. Dealer, 712-631-6164, Onawa, IA.

1979, Beige, no vinyl top, needs bumper fillers and TLC, 350 engine, $4,995. Consignment dealer, 844-676-0714, Cadillac, MI.

1982, Convertible, white, 92K, always garaged, $6,000. Private, 205-369-8717, Birmingham, AL. AT

1983, Two-tone brown, original factory paint option, tan leather interior, 68K showing, nice condition, needs new carb, well over $10,000 invested, age forces sale, $6,000. Daniel Curtis, 518-762-7951, Johnstown, NY.

1983, T-Type, Black, white leather buckets with short console, factory sport steering wheel, V-6 Turbo, $8,950. Dealer, 888-960-2728, Staunton, IL.

1983, Convertible, white, 70K, REDUCED $1,000 since last Riview, now $13,900. Dealer, 215-631-1776, Lansdale, PA.

1984, White, white roadster top, blue cloth interior, 112K, $9,900. Dealer, 866-978-0096, Alsip, IL.

1985, Convertible, white, 77K, factory sport steering wheel, $11,850. Dealer, Staunton, IL.

1985, Red, white roadster top, red cloth interior, 22K showing, $1,299. Dealer, 507-573-5468, Rochester, MN.

1989, Red, no vinyl top, red cloth interior, 91K, REDUCED $1,500 since Nov./Dec. Riview, now $3,995. Dealer, 260-218-0255, Fort Wayne, IN.

1990, Gray, red vinyl top, red interior, moonroof, 130K, $3,995. Dealer, 518-855-3096, Cohoes, NY.

1991, Light Beige, beige interior, 99K, $8,975, Dealer, 866-968-9337, Troy, MI.

1991, Tan, no vinyl top, tan interior, 75K, $5,990. Dealer, 812-838-4419, Mt Vernon, IN.

1992, Dark Garnet paint and interior, 78K, one owner, belonged to mother, spent $4,500 on improvements 5 years ago, been sitting and hasn’t been started since, stored in a barn, dirty, $3,000. Private, 301-761-4455,, Silver Spring, MD

1992, Blue, no vinyl top, saddle interior, 75K, clean, alloy wheels, $5,985. Dealer, 714-605-1630, Garden Grove, CA.

1995, Blue, blue interior, Supercharged, factory chrome wheels, $3,999. Dealer, 353-265-9509, Lakewood, WA

1995, Champagne, taupe interior, 117K, Supercharged, moonroof, aftermarket wood dash, $4,900. Dealer, 810-498-2329, Flint, MI.

1995, White, blue interior, 88K, Supercharged, moonroof, $4,950. Dealer, Sedalia, MO.

1995, Blue, blue interior, 128K Supercharged, $4,975. Dealer, 309-518-1300, Macomb, IL.

1995, Champagne, taupe interior, 152K, Supercharged, moonroof, $2,400. Dealer, 507-800-0201, Tracy, MN.

1995, Light Blue, blue interior, 110K, REDUCED $1,000 since last issue, now $3,995. Dealer, 954-621-2225, Hollywood, FL.

1996, Dark Green, green interior, 126K, $3,450. Dealer, 727-263-2661, Largo, FL.

1997, White, burgundy interior, Supercharged, factory chrome wheels, $8,500. Dealer, 305-376-7138, Miami, FL.

1997, Silver, taupe interior, 59K, Supercharged, $6,450. Dealer, 512-456-9673, Buda, TX.

1997, Blue, blue interior, 110K, $5,500. Dealer, 373-240-8490, Park Hills, MO.

1999, White, taupe interior, 137K, factory chrome wheels, $5,290. Dealer, 253-472-1921, Tacoma, WA.

1999, White, taupe interior, 202K, factory custom wheels, $3,550. Dealer, 712-283-4037, Arnolds Park, IA.


Updated April 01, 2021


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