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   2018 International Meet

           Overland Park, KS
           June 25-June 28

Award Winners

Overland Park, KS 2018

First Place:
1963, Blue,  owned by Sam Henry, Mounds, OK
Class Award:
1964, White, owned by Kevin Gartland, Clio, MI

First Place:
1965, Seafoam Green, Winston & Cindy McCollum, Plano, TX
Class Award:
1965, Black, owned by Gordon & Susan Wolfgang, Overland Park, KS

First Place:
1970, Black, owned by Al & Cheryl Schmidt, Mt. Horeb, WI
1966. Turquoise, owned by David Baker, Imperial, MO

First Place:
1971, Burnt Orange, owned by James Marrant, Calumet, IL

First Place:
1978, Silver and Black LXXV, owned by Leslie Fry, Arlington, TX

First Place:
1984, Gold, owned by Donna and Paul Syrdal, Andover, MN
Class Award:
1985, Black, owned by Jayson Pruitt, Carrolton, TX

First Place;
1990, White, owned by Linda and Ed Raner, Shawnee, KS

First Place;
1999, White, owned by George and Emmie Babcock, Allegan, MI
Class Award:
1996, White, owned by Jay and Judy Hodges, Martinsville, IN
1997, White, owned by Ron and Kris Johnson, Lemont, IL
1997, White, owned by James Vesely, Verona, WI

1999 Silver Arrow
First Place:
1999, Silver, owned by Elwood Combs, Columbus, OH
Class Award;
1999, Silver, owned by Donald and Mary Walter, Franklin. OH

Gran Sport / GS
First Place:
1965, Black, owned by Steve and Emily Kouris, Rockford.IL
Class Awards:
1965, Gold, owned by Roger and Eileen Deiterman, Brighton, CO

First Place:
1972, Gray, owned by Kendall and Lori Reed, West Des Moines, IA
1964, Burgundy, owned by Loren and Gayla Ross, Meridian, ID
1965, Gold and white, owned by Galen and Donna Shields, McPherson, KS

First Place:
1972, Blue, owned by John Mailand, River Falls, WI

Best of Show:
1963, Blue, owned by Michael  and Mary Gentry, Leawood, KS

Long Distance:
1400 miles in a 1963, Driven by Ray and Gail Graves, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Long Distance in a Riviera 40 years or older;
1300 miles in a 1963, driven by Ron Williams from Ely, NV

Honorable Mention:
1182 miles in a 1992 by Florie and Ted Mielke from Fountain Hills, AZ
1071 miles in a 1973 by Larry and Jerry Wagner from Pasadena, MD

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