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Board of Trustees and Staff

Chip Aeppli photo

Board President

Chip Aeppli #5913
Tallmadge, OH

Bob Wannall, photo

Board Vice-President

Gil Volling #6856
Lake Villa, IL

Bob Wannall, photo

Board Secretary

Charles Couture #15374
Ocklawaha, FL

Marty Hillman, photo

Board Treasurer

Marty Hillman # 141
Grants Pass, OR

Steve Playter photo

Board Member

Steve Playter # 4955
Grand Rapids, MI

Ray Knott, photo
Director & Editor

Ray Knott #1
P.O. Box 261218
Denver, CO 80226-9218

Kim Orcutt, Office Manager

Office Manager
Membership and Merchandise

Deborah Hokanson, #16784
P.O. Box 261218
Denver, CO 80226-9218

Mike Vogt, photo

Mike Vogt # 11541
Englewood, CO

Tom Mooney, photo


Tom Mooney #56
Wayne, IL

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