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Do you have an upcoming Riviera event that we should know about?
E-mail us and we'll make note of it here, and in the next issue of "The Riview"!


Active Regional Coordinators Needed!

Do you have the interest and enthusiasm to be a regional representative for ROA? If your area is not represented here, we need your help. As a RC you would be expected to keep local members advised of local activities and host at least one exclusive ROA event a year, such as a picnic or tour. The ROA will support you with updated members lists, mailing labels and pay for postage. The RC program is vital to ROA, lets keep it alive. For more information contact Ray Knott #1 at . Click here to view details on our Regional Coordinator Program.



Linda Hall #10723

07 3829 2222
National Coordinator
Victoria / Tasmania
Tom Kunek # 3845

0419 658 500
New South Wales/ South Australia
Tony Gentilcore #10107

02 9453 9199

Click here to read the January 2019 issue of the informative Australian version of the Riview with stories on local Rivieras and much more. (PDF 3 MB).

2019 ROA National Australian Meet

October 17-20, 2019, Thursday—Sunday, 2019 ROA Australian National Meet in Adelaide, SA. Details and a Schedule of Events are included in the attached Australian Riview  newsletter on page 12.


Australia Event Recap

April 7, 2019, The Victorian Region of the ROA held a BBQ at the home of National Coordinator Tom Kunek in Riviera Lane, Blackburn.

14 beautiful Rivieras attended with about 40 attendees in brilliant sunshine. The star attraction of the day was a recently imported 1971 custom boattail fitted with full hydraulic suspension and high-power sound system. There also was a 1965 Riviera under restoration with plenty of advice by the owner on what to do, and what not to do during a restoration.

Queensland, Australia
Linda Hall, Coordinator
November 4, 2018, Thirty people met for our Queensland Riviera Run. Since we do not have many Rivieras in Queensland, we invited Buick Club members to join us.  The route took us west of Brisbane and into some small country villages. Summer has arrived early in Queensland and temperatures reached 37 C (98 F), so we appreciated the shady trees in the park where we stopped for Morning Tea at the small village of Marburg.  Suitably refreshed, we continued on our country drive.  It was very nice to see the country looking green.  This area has been suffering severe drought in recent months.

After passing through the small towns of Rosewood and Grandchester, we arrived at Laidley, another small town. The Queensland National Hotel was our lunch venue in Laidley.  This is an old historic pub but the dining room was pleasantly air-conditioned much to the delight of everyone.  The food was great and the beer was cold - what more could you want on such a hot day.Everyone enjoyed the day.  All the cars performed well and as usual, there was a great deal of chatting and good fellowship amongst the members.  A good day was had by all.

Bob Wannall ROA# 3069
1101 SE 56th Court
Ocala, FL 34480

(352) 690-7729

Future Event - We’re also looking into a possible one-day road trip to High Springs to visit DropTop Customs, which converted several last-generation Rivieras into convertibles. ROA member Steve Kouris has one, in fact.

Central Florida Event Recap

March 2, 2019 -The Central Florida Region ROA fielded a line of nine Rivieras, the most of any make, model or car club, at the Marion Country Habitat for Humanity Strawberry Festival. ROA members at the gathering included John Wheeler ('63), Ralph Dunn ('77), Jim Kilroy ('67), Charles Couture ('65), Frederick Ward ('65 GS), Nick LaBruno ('95), Steve Kouris ('95 convertible), and Bob Wannall ('64, '82 convertible). 

John Wheeler's immaculate silver '63 won the show's Best GM award. A big attention-getter was Steve Kouris' 1995 convertible, one of six fabricated by a shop here in Florida that's doing huge business these days chopping the tops off Dodge Challengers. ROA members drove in from all over the state, with Frederick and Rosie Ward taking the "long-distance award" for bringing their '65 dual quad GS up from Miami. Every one of our Rivieras were stunning cars that attracted a lot of attention from the thousands of festival-goers. Plus, there was plenty of tasty strawberry shortcake to enjoy. The Habitat folks have extended a warm invitation to us to come back next year.

October 6, 2018, Weather was clear and warm for our ROA Fall Gathering event in Winter Park. Beginning with a Scenic Boat Tour the city’s chain of lakes, each connected by lush, subtropical canals. Many thanks to ROA member Drew Smith, who was also our boat captain and who arranged for free admission. Then we strolled the trendy Park Avenue downtown, enjoyed lunch, and visited the Morse Museum, with the world’s most comprehensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany art and stained glass. A dozen adventurers representing six Rivieras and one Jaguar XK100 enjoyed the day.

Drew has offered to take us on a more extensive twilight cruise. Interested? Contact me at and let’s see if we can gather a group and work out a date.


Drew & Trayce Smith   '65
Toby & Lisa Schmeling  '68 GS
Mary and Don Colston  99 Silver Arrow 
Delores Scott  '71 GS
Jim Kilroy and Mary Sapp  '67
Ken Hubble  ’66; Jaguar xk100
Bob & Cindy Wannall  ’82 Convertible

Keith Felderman # 9918
Johns Creek, GA

Georgia Event Recap

October 13, 2018- The attendance for our Pot-Luck was small, but we enjoyed the afternoon. Better than last year when we cancelled due to lack of support. We had a total of six members, including Larry Warner from South Carolina who was recognized for the Long Distance. The three Riviera that arrived were a ’69 owned by Larry, Russ Morri’s ’72 and my ’67.





Winston McCollum #13242
Plano, TX

Meet our new Coordinator for North Texas. If interested in being involved in local events, be sure Winston has your correct email. He will be sending out announcements soon. Don’t miss out.


Nort Texas Event Recap

March 30, 2019 – Despite the rain, ten members brought six Rivieras to the monthly show at Old Courthouse Square in downtown McKinney. We were able to park together, share stories and enjoy breakfast.

February 15-17, 2018, The ROA display at the Dallas Autorama, held at Market Hall was a great success.  On display were my ’65 and Pete Lempert’s ’63. We had enthusiastic crowds around the display all weekend and handed out five ROA membership applications to people interested in joining our group. We plan to get new stanchions built in order to have a bigger display with more cars next year. One former ROA member said he was going to rejoin ROA since we have an active local group. Overall it was a great event!


September 29, 2019, Despite the fact that we rescheduled our event due to weather, we had a fantastic turnout for the  cookout at the Dallas home of member Pete Lambert.  Twelve enthusiasts brought eight Rivieras to enjoy an afternoon with  friendly people, great food and beautiful cars.
Stay turned for our next event!

July 7, 2018,  Ten members brought five Rivieras  at 7:30 am for the weekly Saturday breakfast hosted by the Rockfish restaurant in McKinney, TX. A great time was had by all and the food was delicious.

May 26, 2018, ROA members attended the 2nd Annual “Show Down” hosted by the Brazos Valley Muscle Cars & West Cruizzers in the town of West, TX. There was a day-long festival with great German food and live music. It was an amazing event with over 300 cars in attendance.

The drive down on the backroads through the corn fields was beautiful and we had a great time. Best of show was won by  a radically customized 1959 Buick Invicta, so Buick was well represented at this event!

Be sure to contact me, Winston McCollum your North Texas Coordinator at 972-762-8391 or and let me know if you are interested in getting emails on future events.


Mike Glaz #9241
Humble, TX

If you know of a local meet or function in the Houston Galveston Area that would be great for ROA members to attend contact me, Mike Glaz, coordinator, with details.TOA MEMBERS are welcomed to attend any of our local ROA events. Take those Toronados out and join us!

Houton Event Recap

September 9, 2018, despite a rainy-day ROA members gathered for a tour of Tony Gullo’s private museum. This museum houses several hundred of Tony's favorite vehicles on his  property in Montgomery. 

The museum has over 250 vehicles on display with another 70 that can be rotated in and out. There was a wide variety of makes and years ranging from the 1910's to a 2006 Ford GT,  still wrapped in the original plastics it came from the manufacture.  In addition to regular production cars, there was a Blues Brothers Dodge, a Roy Rodgers 1940's Nash, and a Batmobile replica on the original Lincoln frame. Tony advised us that all the donations he received  go towards giving Christmas gifts to local needy families.  Those who attended enjoyed an afternoon where they were able to enjoy many cars they had never seen.  

Steve Playter # 4955
Grand Rapids, MI


June 4, 2019, Tuesday starting at 4:00 pm - Join us at Fricanos Pizza, where they have a weekly collector car show. Fricanos is located at Alpine Ave, in Comstock Park, This will be a great way to meet other ROA members. Bring your Rivieras and your appetite. If interested contact your new Coordinator Steve Playter #4955 at It has been discovered that many emails are outdated. To receive updates, please contact Steve with your current email address.

In August, we are planning a tour of the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo. Details will follow.

Ed Gunyo #101
5243 15th Ave So,
Minneapolis, MN 55417



San Francisco Bay Area
Steve Tangney 473
Pleasanton, CA


San Francisco Bay Area Event Recap

May 20, 2018, Twelve members gathered at the Slow Hand BBQ, in Pleasant Hill for our “Rivs & Ribs”. Photos and details will appear on the website and in the next Riview

If you did not receive an announcement by email, then Craig needs your correct email address. Future gatherings are planned to the Blackhawk and California Auto Museums.


Randall D. Crain #5360
2493 Banner Whitehead Rd.
Sophia, NC 27350

(336) 431-3854


North Carolina Event Recap

October 6, 2018, Thirteenth Annual "Rivieras at the Park"
After several years of favorable weather, we weren’t so lucky this year. With hurricane Florence heading our way we decided to reschedule from our September date to October. Then, even the weather wasn’t looking good. The week started with a fair forecast for the weekend, then things started to change. Luckily it started clearing and the chance of rain went to 20% for Saturday morning. Although the day started out with a misting rain, it cleared up and we enjoyed sunny day.

This year we had 19 ROA members and guests attend the annual event There were five of the eight generations in attendance. Two ‘65s, quite a few of the second generation, a ’66, a ’66GS, a ’68, a ’69, and a ’70, an ’81, a ’93, a ’97 and a ’99 Silver Arrow. A total of eleven Rivieras. As always, we had a great afternoon with food and conversation. With so many generations represented there was much to discuss.

As always Gwyn and I would like to thank those that attended, it is the members’ attendance that make it worth the effort. And we hope to see you again next year on the second or third Saturday in September, weather permitting of course.




Darrell Ingold #1237
8 Gerald Drive
Holbrook, NY 11741

May 26, 2019, Sunday, 9:00 am _ 4:00 pm, ROA members are invited to the Annual Long Island Buick Show, held at the Wantagh Train Station on Railroad Ave. Most Rivieras at the show for the past two years has been owned by ROA members. For details contact Darrell Ingold,, 631-220-3239.

NYC Event Recap

June 9, 2018 – There were 85 Buicks on display at the  annual Long Island meet, hosted by the local chapter of BCA. ROA members were welcomed, and they brought 19 Rivieras.

In the 1963-69 class a ’65 GS owned by Ken and Carmine Vasti won First Place and a ’68 owned by Richard Falantano took second.  In the 1970-78 Class Davis Kemler whose 72 was featured in the Mar/Apr 2018 Riview took first , Thomas Poole  placed second with his ’71, which was featured in Vol 22-3 of the Riview. Harold McCabe, took first in the 1979-99 class with his 1979, which was featured in Mar/Apr 2010 Riview and a ’90 owned by Steven Kay took second.

September 15-17, 2017 Hemmings Concours D’ Elegance, see “Other Buick Events” for details



Lee Carroll #433
P. 0. Box 87923
San Diego, CA 92138
(619) 226-6993


San Diego Event Recap

February 14th, 2019 Twelve members of the ROA joined us for a tour of the San Diego Automobile Museum. Pictured are those who attended and a custom ’65 convertible owned by member Frank Dobbs.

June 10, 2018, A small but appreciative group spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the Deer Park Winery & Auto Museum located just North of Escondido. The 15-acre estate  has a large grassy area for car shows sheltered by huge trees that provide shaded areas for picnic tables. It was an ideal Picnic & Car Show site for San Diego Riviera Owners & some BCA Members who also attended. Thirteen R.O.A. members & their Guests along with four B.C.A. members enjoyed wine tasting & viewing the Deer Park Collection of Classic Cars.  The long-distance trip winner was Cheryl McCabe of Long Beach, who racked up 196 miles round trip in her ‘65 Riviera.

Deer Parks Auto Museums contain over 100 convertibles ranging from carriages dating back to the  late 1800's to classics from the 20's & 40's and 70s muscle cars.  The car collections are held in three separate buildings on several levels that also house a Museum of Americana items providing a trip down memory lane with Pre-war Radios, TVs, Bicycles, Barbie Dolls & dozens of  huge neon auto dealership signs representing over a century of progress.

February 23-25, 2018, The ROA was well represented at what might have been the Grand Finale with four cars from the first three generations of the Marque. Lee Carroll's 1963, Erik Durochers 1965, Bob Starkeys 1967 & Ken Lunds 1971 Boattail. Three of those cars were of the one owner category, Erik Durochers 1965 was a 2nd owner car.

In the spring of 1966 a group of San Diego "Gear Heads" decided to hold a car show on a local shopping center parking lot. Over the years growing attendance forced them to find larger places for their event. In 1980 The founders of the event, the Horseless Carriage Club of America, the Antique Car Club of America & the Early Ford V-8 club were able to convince City of San Diego Officials that they had a three-day event worthy of using the cities Jack Murphy Stadium parking lot. Over the past 38 years the Big 3 swap meet drew 10's of thousands of spectators enjoying all the many cars on display and looking for hard to find old car parts.

This year’s event was the last time the three car clubs will stage the event after selling their rights to hold one of the largest swap meets in California at the stadium. The new operator for the car show is Todd Harding & Son, a professional events organization operating out of Los Angeles and staging car shows in more than a dozen locations. The 1st noticeable change was more than doubling the entry fees for displaying collector cars & selling parts.  The San Diego Swap meets future location is rife with uncertainty. Since losing the San Diego Charger football team there are conflicting plans for redevelopment of the stadium site that do not include continued use of its parking lots for public events.     

Ken Lund & Erik Durocher are often pointed out as members who drive their cars to local meets, Lund drove his Boat Tail 145 miles from Yucaipa California to attend this event,  Durocher set the standard for distance drivers when he drove his 65 Riviera over more than 3,000 miles from Florida to San Diego in 2010 to attend the 2 day Southern California Regional Riviera meet that was held in National City, California.


Chris Palk ROA#10373
PO Box 1333
Krugersdorp 1740 South Africa
2711-660-1322 (office)
2782-808-3360 (cell)



Coordinator Position Open

June 1, 2019, Saturday, 8:30 am The 15th Annual Buick - Pontiac - Oldsmobile – Cadillac – GMC Truck Show and Shine $20 Pre-Registration and $25 registration on the day of the show. Location: Boot Barn, Western Wear Store, I-25 & Orchard Road. Click here for the flyer.

June 8, 2019, Saturday,  12:pm - 6pm, Crusin Havana. over 2,000 cars have shown up for this annual event. DTs and Displays. Don't miss it.

June 29, 2019, Saturday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, ROA members are invited to join the Rocky Mountain Buick Chapter's " All Buick Show” at King Buick/GMC in Loveland. For information contact Tim Gibson at 970-690-3658,   

Aug 3, 2019, Saturday, 8 am - 2 pm, Rocky Mountain Car Show and Swap Meet. Over 400 cars and many vendors, over 17,000 attend this annual event hosted by the Colorado Car Council at the Rock Mountain Metro Airport in Broomfield, $5 admission. For information on swap spaces or car corral, call 720-535-6097. Click here for the flyer.


John Andreassen # 1781
5442-A Schoth Rd. S. W.
Turnwater, WA 98512
360-754-3745 (Home)
360-481-3325 (Cell)

June 1, 2019, Saturday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, the Annual BCA Pacific Northwest Region Pot Luck Picnic in Fort Borst Park in Centralia. Bring your favorite dish to share. If interested in joining the caravan from the Tacoma area: we leave McDonalds at 9:00 AM off Hwy 512, South Tacoma Way. Next stop will be the rest stop in Maytown, leaving at 10:00 AM. All ROA Members are welcome. From I-5 South, take exit 82. Drive one block west to Belmont Ave & turn left into Borst Park. For additional information contact John Andreassen at 360.754.3745, or at

June 15, 2019, Saturday, the 26th Annual Buick Open, sponsored by the Puget Sound Chapter of the BCA. 115 2nd Ave SE, Puyallup. This is a great event for the whole family; it coincides with the Meeker Days Festival. All Riv's park together! For registration information or any other questions, you can contact Lee Davis at 253.815.1094 or at or John Andreassen at 360.754.3745, or at

Washington Event Recap

September 8, 2018,  The  Annual ROA Fall Potluck was once again held at the home of Brian & Ellen O’Neil on Whidbey Island. Our thanks to Brian & Ellen who have hosted this event for the past 11 years. This end of summer celebration featured plenty of food including the usual, fresh steamers & oysters, deep fried turkeys & an assortment of beverages.  All are welcome to bring their favorite cars, Riviera or not.


Other Buick Events

Gurnee, IL
All Buick Show

June 9, 2019, Sunday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, 3rd Annual All Buick & Opel Car Show. Hosted by the Chiwaukee Border BCA and Anthony Buick, 7225 Grand Ave. Gurnee. 

Registration $15, dash plaques to the 1st 100 registered, rain or shine, music, food & drink for purchase. Peer judging with trophies awarded in 15 classes. For information contact Kevin Kauppi, ROA #14307,, 224-623-1297. Chick here to view the flyer.

Flint, MI
All Buick Show

August 17, 2019, Saturday 6:30 am – 4:30 pm, Come to Buicktown’s annual all Buick Show at 316 W. Walter St and Flints “Back to the Bricks extravaganza. Last year 176 participated. Technical presentations and select cars from the GM and Sloan museums will be on display. Entry is free, for information contact Al Jones at or Brian Heil at  

Have you contacted your Regional coordinator recently? Now is a good time! They may need help or encouragement to get local activities planned.

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