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   2017 International Meet

           June 26-June 29

Award Winners

Reno-Tahoe 2017

First Place:
1963, Bronze, owned by Ken Cousins, Camas, WA
Class Award:
1964, Bronze, owned by Sebastian Caltabiano, San Jose, CA
1963, Red, owned by Ray Graves, Saskatoon, Canada

First Place:
1965, Silver, owned by Steve Tangney, Pleasanton, CA
Class Award:
1965, Black, owned by Tim Hyden, San Ramon, CA
1965, White, owned by Joe, Scalise, Gardnerville, NV

First Place:
1966, Light Blue, owned by Richard & Dixie Proctor, Pahrump. NV
Class Award:
1968. Gold, owned by Dean Eldridge, Corvallis, MT

First Place:
1972, Light Blue, owned by Mary Orr, Citrus Heights, CA

First Place:
1985, Gray, owned by Lee & Martha Davis, Federal Way, WA
Class Award:
1992, White, owned by Bob Richied, Napa, CA

First Place;
1999, Silver Arrow, owned by Jennifer Ess, Phoenix, AZ
Class Award:
1999, Silver Arrow, owned by George & Emmie Babcock, Allegan, MI
1999, Gold, owned by Ben & Gloria Czaja, Carmel Valley, CA

Gran Sport / GS:
First Place:
1965, Yellow, owned by Dick Sweeney, Alpine, CA
Class Awards:
1965, Red, owned by Robert Valenzuela, Northridge, CA
1971, Black, owned by DeWayne, Ashmead, Fruit Heights, UT
1965, Beige, owned by Mary Jo Snider Valenzuela, Northridge, CA

Modified / Custom:
First Place:
1964, Black, owned by Danny Ordonez, So. San Francisco. CA
1964, Silver /white, owned by Larry & Shirley Martin, Astoria, OR
1967, Dark Blue, owned by Len Goldschmidt, San Jose, CA
1997, Dark Silver Metallic, owned by Jhan Wilson, Antioch, CA

Best of Show:
1963, Blue, owned by Steve Read, Santa Rosa, CA

Long Distance:
2,272 miles in a 1998, Driven by Chip Aeppli from Tallmadge, OH

Long Distance in a Riviera 40 years or older (1977)
1763 miles in a 1964, driven by Ken Wilcox from Brookland Park, MN

Survivor Recognition Award
Floyd Hillman from Seattle, WA with over 362,000 Miles on his 1963.

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