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What’s in a Name?
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Maybe it’s just me, but there seem to be a lot of Riviera owners who name their cars. Is this a new trend? Have Riviera drivers always given names to their cars? Am I just catching on to this? Is this a sensitive matter not spoken of in polite company?

Perhaps you have bestowed a name on your Riviera or considering doing so. But how to find the right name for that wonder in your garage. What might that name be? Zeke? Tiffany? Hieronymus? Ned, in honor of Mr. Nickels?

I read of a service that, for a mere $10,000, helps choose a name for your human baby. They may extend their service to cars. For ten grand, I certainly would. But if your bank account (the one you dubbed “Riviera Mad Money,” which is also an appropriate name) is a little slack just now, the internet offers numerous sites with naming ideas, and at no cost.

You may want to pull a name from the Riviera’s storied past, or that reflects the car’s characteristic that you find most endearing. Fleetfoot. Flint City Bomber. Beauty. Ethyl. Thirsty. How about your car’s history? My ’64 was purchased new by my father, so I call it “George.” Parked next to it is a 1982 convertible, dubbed “Vera” because my mother liked convertibles. And George.

Go ahead. Give your Riv a name. It helps make it truly yours—a reflection of your affection for Buick’s best.

The Back Cover
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Have you ever noticed that on the back cover of every Riview is a full 8x11-inch size photo in a side view? That is not by accident—it is done with a purpose.

Initially it enables us to share a large full-size photo of different generations without the addition of titles or announcements as seen on the front cover. We purposely select a variety of models available from the photos included in the showcases we receive.

Similar photos appeared on the wall calendars we printed from 2012-2014. Since the introduction of iPhones and Apple watches, not everyone relies on a wall calendar, and we didn’t sell enough to cover costs. But there are some of you who still hang a wall calendar you received from the gas station, bank, or local pharmacy each year. To improve the appearance of the calendar, just hang a Riview over their photo. Having holes punched in the Riview makes that easy to do.

For those who hang car photos in their office or garage, what better than to frame your favorite rear cover. The owner of my local auto supply store liked the rear covers so much he had them framed to decorate his store. Don’t miss the opportunity to continue to enjoy these photos long after the issue is replaced.

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