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Director's Message

New Face
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Fun Fact: The ROA’s Board of Trustees meets twice a year: in January via conference call and again in June at the annual International Meet. Alas, the pandemic zapped our 2020 International Meet in Kalamazoo, MI, along with virtually every other car club’s annual gatherings. So, it was back to the phones for the Board of Trustees’ summer meeting.

The news is that our finances and membership are stable, with about 2,500 members. The Kalamazoo Meet is rescheduled for 2023, and our 2021 Meet next June 21-24 in Branson, MO promises to be spectacular. ROA met there in 2011 with rave reviews.

Darrell Ingold, who has ably served for two terms in various positions, including this past year as President, rotated off the Board this year. Thank you, Darrell. To fill the vacancy we greeted, Steve Tangney, who also serves as the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Coordinator. Welcome aboard, Steve. The Trustees elected me as president for the coming year, and elected Steve as Board Secretary.

Our Director, Ray Knott, presented a detailed report on current and future plans. Ray continues to be the spark plug of our club, attending to the myriad day-to-day details ranging from new member development to chasing stories for the Riview.

As I write this, we are all in various degrees of “hunker down.” That doesn’t mean you can’t fire up your classic Riviera and go for a nice drive. Our cars need exercise. We need fresh air and some scenery. Plus, pandemic-weary people love to see our classics rolling along.

Future Articles
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

As collectors of older cars, we find that we must often look to our peers for guidance and problem solving. We here at the ROA reach out to those who are most experienced to help us prepare interesting and informative articles for the Riview. We hope we have done that with our many series such as “Rivieras In-Print,” “In the Styling Studio,” “GM Plant View,” “Inside a Buick Dealership,” and currently “Rust Issues.” All of these started with suggestions from members. After we conclude the series on rust, I am looking for topics that are the most interesting and helpful to our members.

Recently, I have received several great suggestions. In addition to ferreting out rust, what else should we do to ensure that the car we are interested in buying will not disappoint? In the Nov./Dec. Riview, we will feature two Rivieras that appeared to be perfect in every way, only to discover that the seller misrepresented the car’s condition, resulting in costly repairs. I have received a checklist from one very experienced member on what to look for when buying a car. I am sure there are many other members who have learned from experience and could provide us with their thoughts.

In addition to buying tips, we are always open to suggestions for articles. Do you have a topic that would be of interest to the general membership? If so, please contact me.

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