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Director's Message

By Way of Introduction
by Chip Aeppli #5913, President of Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Once again, we had the opportunity to gather at an International Meet of Riviera owners. In central Michigan, we were located close to many members who were able to drive a short distance to attend. Since they were so close, many only joined us for the show on Saturday. Sorry they could not be with us all week, but we understand, and the number and quality of Rivieras on the show field was impressive.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to find quality and affordable hotels with conference centers at attractive locations to make a week-long event something most would enjoy and be able to fit into their budgets. Affordable lodging helps to offset the high cost of fuel and expense of a long drive to attend. As announced on page 35, we will do that again next year.

We like to believe that members bring their Rivieras, not just to win an award but to “Share the Pride.” It is an opportunity to see what others have done to maintain and upgrade their treasured cars so they can continue to enjoy an outstanding automobile. In the last issue of the Riview, we summarized a SAE engineer’s report that explained in detail what Buick hoped to accomplish when designing the Riviera. I feel that Buick was successful and the result has been ours to enjoy ever since.

I hope that you are all able to continue to share your pride and enjoy the drive for many years to come

Sharing the Pride Again
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

For the past 39 years, the ROA has been all about sharing. As I wrote in the series “History of Riviera Clubs,” when I designed the ROA logo it included “63-65.” It was only through others sharing their knowledge and interest that we were able to expand and include all Rivieras. As you read through the pages of each issue, there are articles and technical advice sent to us by many different members. ROA is, and always has been, a team effort.

Now I am reaching out to you to get more involved by sharing your knowledge, skills, and interests. Many of our members are experienced mechanics. Others have learned a repair by trial and error. Whatever your experience level, you have much to contribute even if it is a short technical tip or a helpful tweak.

Our Classified section is unlike most you will find in other club publications. The sources listed have come from members who found reliable people and companies. We are not obligated to anyone and will remove their listing if they let our members down.

We would like to expand ROA’s presence on social media as well. If you have the knowledge and interest to get involved, let me know.

Much of the Riview is devoted to cars owned and enjoyed by proud members. If interested in sharing your story, I will send guidelines to assist with the preparation of a Showcase. In the past year, I have not received any stories on 1966-67 models. We try to feature all generations and have not purposely ignored those years.

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