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Powerful Technology
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Those are power words. Advertising writers use powerful “hot button words” to poke our emotions and fire us to action: grab the phone, go to the website, rush to the store, place that order, make that purchase, seal the deal.

FREE! Send no money now! ATTENTION! Quantities limited! Secret formula! All new! Don’t delay! What are you waiting for? Act now! You deserve it!

My current favorite is “powerful technology.”

Our Rivieras offer some seriously powerful technology. Some have honking huge engines, making lots of power, lots of noise, and, sadly, lots of fuel stops. Big tech going on there. Some generations are more sedate, victims of emissions regulations, yet with power to poke onlookers’ emotions: smiles, a bit of envy, memories, and sometimes tears.

All our Rivieras, no matter which generation you drive, are powerful technology: their beauty is ageless. They are wonderful to gaze upon. They are a great drive, whether you’re hooning around in a modified or cruising the boulevard. They garner waves, thumbs up, and honks from passing motorists. “What year is that?” “It’s gorgeous.” That’s power, whatever technology is involved.

Board openings: Steve Tangney and I both conclude our three-year terms on the ROA Board of Trustees at the 2023 International Meet. Steve is eligible for a second term; having served two terms, I’m not. The ROA Bylaws posted on our website list eligibility to serve on the board. If interested, resumes must arrive at the ROA office no later than January 1, 2023.

Our Classifieds
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

We have an extensive classified section in the Riview and except for the few business cards and display ads, they are all free. They consist of cars, used and new parts, reproductions, services, literature, and a wants list. Every listing must relate to the 1963- 99 Riviera. Car ads submitted by members may also include photos (at no cost) and will be continued until sold.

Years ago, a member suggested that, as a service to our members, we should include cars that we find listed elsewhere. That includes cars on the internet as well as those sent to us by non-members. These listings are not repeated unless there has been a significant reduction in price, or a great-looking car that has been on the market for many months.

We encourage members to share their extra parts with a parts ad rather than have them collect dust in the garage. We continue these ads if the member keeps them updated. Quality sources recommended by members are also included. If we learn of a serious problem with a listing, we will contact the source on behalf of the member. If we find the source is not fair or honest, they will be dropped. With the many questionable sources listed on the internet, we hope members can feel comfortable with sources listed in the Riview. These are sources we’ve collected for the past 38 years. Also, if you know of a reputable source who should be listed, let us know

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