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Director's Message

New Faces
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Two new members will be joining the Board of Trustees at the ROA International Meet in Kalamazoo, MI this June. Charles Courture #15374 and Gil Volling #6856 will fill seats being vacated by Steve Tangney #473 and by myself.

Our job as the Board of Trustees is to be, as the By-Laws read, “responsible for the overall policy and direction of the Association.” We delegate the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the ROA to the Director, who is appointed by the Board each January.

Board members are listed on this page (page 4) of each edition of the Riview, as well as on the ROA website. But keep looking down the page. There you’ll see the names of the very talented and dedicated folks who make the ROA happen, headed by Director Ray Knott #1. (Wouldn’t it be great to email each of them thanking them for their efforts? (This writer excepted, of course).

Board members serve a three-year term. Some serve two consecutive terms. Steve is completing a single term; I’m finishing two. So, we’re done, at least for now. The club bylaws do allow for another term after standing down for at least a year. But, really, the idea is to have new talent and new ideas rotating on and off the Board of Trustees.

Check out the By-Laws on the website, especially if you’ve never read them. See how carefully ROA is managed and how each of us is welcome to help out.

Regional Gatherings
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

In 1965, I happened into a Buick dealership in New Jersey and saw the new 1965 Riviera. I was impressed but unable to afford one. I left with a dealer’s brochure and my dreams. It wasn’t until 1972 that I purchased a used ’65, which became my daily driver. I was very proud of my white Riviera and maintained it in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone else who shared my interest in the Rivieras. I felt I was the only one.

Years later after I moved to Colorado, I bought a 1965 Gran Sport. I was excited to find old newsletters in the trunk from a Riviera Club back in New Jersey. I was elated to find that there were others as enthused as I was, only to discover that club had disbanded and the organizers I contacted were discouraged. But I finally found others who shared my interests and that led to establishing the ROA.

We at ROA established our Regional Coordinator (RC) program to encourage local social gatherings. We support members who are willing to host local events. Nothing elaborate—it could be a gathering at a local park, a tour through a local museum or a paint shop. Members’ email addresses are on the roster on the website. But too few members have stepped up to the RC program and we have many regions without a coordinator. Members should not feel alone. Interested? Let me know and I will send information on the RC program.

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