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Dear Buick
by Chip Aeppli #5913, President of Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

Please build me a two-door car. You teased us with the Wildcat concept car in 2022. And with the Avista concept a few years before that. Build me one I can buy.

I am a lifelong Buick owner/driver/collector, brand loyal to this day. The Buick brand has a long reputation for powerful two-door cars. It’s a well-earned reputation. The Century model of the 1930s, the V-8s of the Fabulous ’50s. The big Wildcats and Gran Sports of the ’60s. The GS muscle cars of the early ’70s. All that power, with an extra dose of comfort. The iconic Regal Gran Nationals of the ’80s. And among my favorites are the late ’90s Supercharged Rivieras. Mine has served me extremely well for more than two decades.

But it has been 25 years since the last Riviera. We are overdue for a stylish twodoor car. To be sure, you did ship in a Cascada from Opel for a few years—my 2019 is in the garage. I can come up with many adjectives to describe it, but it’s no Riviera.

There must be a market for coupes. Not everyone likes or needs an SUV. I can’t be the only one that feels that way. Build me something that makes me feel special and proud, the way my Riviera does on every mile travelled.

Collectors & Investors
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

There are many who consider themselves collectors. The task of collection could be for the thrill of the search, the enjoyment of finding something different, or merely for an investment. My mother used to collect salt and pepper shakers, certainly not as an investment, but for enjoyment. For enjoyment I used to collect stamps and football trading cards which I protected in albums. Others may collect old coins or gold as investments and safeguard them in safes. Some collect art, which they proudly hang on their walls to be enjoyed while protecting them from sun or humidity.

Of those who own cars there are some who I prefer to call strictly investors. These are people who buy just as an investment, not for the joy of ownership, but to resell for a profit. The car rarely, if ever, leaves the heated garage or is enjoyed on the road. The investor waits for the next auction to offer the car at a price to guarantee them a profit. Unfortunately, this causes prices to rise, often to unrealistic levels.

And then there are car collectors, which I consider our members to be. For some it may bring back family memories, appreciation of a unique style, or a desire for horsepower and comfort. There are also those who just enjoy restoring old cars and when the restoration is complete, they move on to the next. Whatever our reasons, I suspect that those of us in the ROA enjoy driving our cars as often as possible with pride of ownership. Isn’t that why they were built in the first place?

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