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Like Finding Gold
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

"Finding the ROA is like finding gold."

That’s what a new member wrote recently to Director Ray Knott.

To be sure, there are helpful Facebook groups and online forums, but nothing beats the personal interactions, the friendships, and even hands-on help that we find in our club. ROA is as much about building friendships as it is about the cars. That’s why it’s like gold to see each other, talk Rivieras, and offer encouragements. It’s why buying cars or parts from another ROA member carries an extra measure of assurance that you’ll be treated well.

We have a lot of gold. We have a beautiful magazine, tech advisors, sensational annual conferences (when evil microbes don’t delay them), regional gatherings (ditto), trusted vendors, a website with tons of tech tips, back issues, statistics and histories, and the list goes on and on.

Car shows and cruise-ins are opening again. Share that gold when you see another Riviera. Keep a couple of membership brochures in your car. Show the owner a recent Riview. Make a friend. Our motto is "Share the Pride." ROA gold is too good to keep to ourselves.

A bit of business: This June, the Board of Trustees will have two openings. Chip Aeppli and Steve Playter complete three-year terms (both are eligible for a second term). If interested, your resume must be received by the ROA office no later than January 1, 2022. Check our bylaws on the ROA website for details and eligibility.

Looking Back
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Recently, we received a renewal from a previous member who dropped membership in the late 1980s after selling his car. He included a photo of an old newsletter and a note I had written dated September 9, 1986. Back in 1986, not having email, I mailed handwritten responses. Since my messages were usually brief, I had small (5.5 x 8.5") notepads printed. In that way my responses didn’t appear as small as they would on a full-size sheet of paper. Also attached was his original membership card with his name, expiration date, and ROA number — all handwritten. His ROA number was 32109, which was a different format than our current numbering method. Initially, the ROA only covered the 1963-65 models, and the first number indicated his car was a 1963. The last number was the month of renewal. Therefore, he was the 210th member to join the ROA.

The newsletter in the photo he sent was not published by the ROA, but by a club based in Georgia that started shortly after us. I had contacted the person in charge of the Classic Riviera Owners Club of America (CROCA) seeking information. I suspected they were a commercial enterprise more than a true club, and as you may suspect, CROCA quickly disappeared.

I published a six-part series on the history of clubs devoted to the Buick Riviera. This complete series can be viewed on our website under “All about the ROA” and “History of Riviera Clubs and ROA.”

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