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How Did This Happen?
by Bob Wannall #3069, President, Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

It’s a story many of us can tell. You’re perfectly normal, a well-adjusted taxpayer, driving sedans and minivans, wearing sneakers but never a white belt, when a Buick Riviera catches your eye. Without question, it is one of the most beautiful automobiles you’ve ever seen. Oh, rapture! You know you want to have one someday. And that day finally comes. You move a lot of junk out of the way and put a Riviera in your garage.

Now, the problem: driving a Buick Riviera is like eating a potato chip. It’s hard to have just one. Rivieras come in nine different generations, a myriad of colors and multiple trim levels. They range from gentlemen’s hot rods to smooth, velour-swathed cruisers. How could we not love them all?

Here’s a question: how many Rivieras constitute a collection? It may be that single Riviera that you have collected, carefully selected, artfully curated, perhaps lovingly coaxed back to life. Or you may have a half dozen or more stashed in your garage, yard, pole barn, or climate-controlled storage. One Riviera or many, it’s your collection.

Many communities are opening up a bit as the pandemic eases, spring is upon us and the sun is shining. Grab your mask, social distance at the stop light, and take your collection – one Riviera or many — out for a spin on the road. We all need some exercise, and so does your collection, however many Rivieras that may be.

U.S. Postal Service
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

We were horrified with the extremely erratic delivery of our Jan./Feb. 2021 Riview. The deadline for those scheduled to renew is the 15th of the month, after which the membership list is sent to our printer. When possible, we wait several days to allow for late payments. Since it was the holiday season, we sent the list earlier than usual and it was mailed a day later. Our goal is to have all members in the U.S. receive the issue the first week of the month and outside of the country seven to ten days later. I was pleased to hear that a member in Oregon received the issue on December 31. Many others in Florida, California, and Illinois reported their copies arrived the first week in January.

But by the second week, several members started to ask if the issue had been mailed. Upon checking, I learned that delivery varied greatly even within a state. A member in central Pennsylvania received the issue on the 6th, while a member in suburban Philadelphia and another in Maryland did not receive theirs until the 20th. Members in Europe received theirs the second week as did others in Michigan and Ohio.

The March/April Riview was mailed soon after the renewal deadline, and I am happy to report that many received their issues before the first of March. Over 20 members I’ve contacted, including those in Canada and Australia, received their issue by the 11th. As we know, delivery is depended on local service.

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