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Riviera Options and Prices

B-1 Seat Belts Front $19.03
B-4 B-1 and B-5
B-5 Less Heater & Defroster 98
D-1 AM Radio - Manual Antenna 90.30
D-2 AM Radio - Electric Antenna 115.37
D-3 AM Radio Wonder Bar - Manual Antenna 125.37
D-4 AM Radio Wonder Bar - Electric Antenna 152.92
D-5 AM-FM Radio - Electric Antenna 178.99
E-4 Carpet Savers, Front & Handy Mats, Rear   12.93
E-5 Carpet Savers Only 7.42
H-1 Cruise Control 64.50
H-2 Cornering Lights 30.10
H-3 H-1 and H-2
I-6  Tinted Glass 43
I-7 Tinted Windshield Only 29.03
J-2 Power Seat 4-Way Tilt 70.95
K-4 Window Defroster - Rear 21.50
L-1 Tilt Steering Wheel 43
M-7 Wire Wheel Covers 23.65
M-9 Cast Aluminum Wheel Covers 66.55
N-2 Air Conditioner 430
N-3 Air Conditioner Modification (Less A/C) 19.35
0-7 4-Note Horn 27.95
S-7 Remote Control Mirror 7.37
T-1 White Wall Tires (7.10 x 15) 39.56
T-4  7.60 X 15 White Walls 59.99
T-5  7.60 X 15 Black Walls 16.77
U-6  Power Vents 53.75
U-7  Power Windows 107.5
X-1  Guidematic 43
X-2  Twilight Sentinel 29.03
X-3  X-1 and X-2
Y-6  Positive Traction Diff 48.38
Z-4  Auto Trunk Release 9.58
1-A  Trailer Springs Rear 3.87
1-B  H D Springs 5.38
33 Optional Wheel Color N/C
Custom Trim Vinyl/Cloth 69.88
Custom Trim Leather/Vinyl 188.13
CUSTOM TRIM Full Walnut Door Panels; Dual Interior Door Handles; Extended Door Panel for Power Window and Seat Controls.  For '63:  Black Vinyl Console & "Riviera" on Door Panels. For '64: Walnut Veneer Console, including Radio Cover, "R" on Door Panels.
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