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Riviera Options and Prices
Manufacturer's suggested Retail Price $4,854
(Prices Not Available)
ENGINE: 455 cu. in., 370 hp, 1-4 Barrel, Code SR/SF (Used in all Rivieras including G.S.)
A9 Riviera GS Option (includes Heavy-Duty Suspension, Performance Axle, Positive Traction Differential, Whitewall Tires, Chrome Air Cleaner and Specific Ornamentation)
B 4 Full Length Console (Bucket Seats Required)
C 1 Power Disc Brakes
D 1 Sonomatic Radio
D 4 AM-FM Stereo Radio (Includes Rear Speaker)
D 5 AM-FM Radio
D 6 Rear Speaker (Included in D4)
D 0 Stereo Tape Player (Radio & Rear Speaker Required)
D C D1 + D6
D G D5 + D6
D M D4 + D0
D N D1 + D6 + D0
D T D5 + D6 + D0
E 5 Evaporative Emission System (Required in Calif.)
F 1 Whitewall Tires H78-15 (Included in A9)
F 8 Wide Oval Red Line Tires H70-15 (Avail. with A9
F 9 Wide Oval Whitewall H70-15 (Avail. with A9 Only) 
G 1 Performance Axle with Positive Traction
(Included in A9)
G 4 Positive Traction Differential (Included with A9) 
H 1 Trailer Towing Option (Specific Front & Rear Shock
Absorbers, Front & Rear springs and High Rate Track Bar Assembly)(N.A. With A9, H2 or H3)
H 2 Ride and Handling Option (Specific Front & Rear
Shock Absorbers, Front & Rear Springs and H.D.
Track Bar Assembly) (Included in A9)
(N.A. with H1 or H3)
H 3 Automatic Level Control (Specific Rear Springs and Shock Absorbers) (N.A with A9, H1 or H2)
I 5 Automatic Climate Control Air Conditioning System
I 6 Air Conditioner Manual Controls)
I 7 Heavy Duty Cooling Extra H.D. Radiator Thermo Control Fan Drive & 55 Amp. Delcotron) (Fan Drive & Delcotron included in I5 or I6)
I E I5 + I7
I G I6 + I7
NOTE:  Shoulder Belts (2) are provided as Standard
Equipment for Front Seat Passengers on this Model.
 Deluxe Seat & Shoulder Belts are Provided with
Standard Trims. Custom Seat & Shoulder Belts are
Provided with Custom Trims.
J 3 Custom Front & Rear Seat Belts & Custom Front Shoulder Belts (Standard Trims Only)
J 5 Custom Front & Rear Seat Belts & Custom
Front & Rear Shoulder Belts (Standard Trims
J 5 Custom Rear Shoulder Belts (Custom Trims Only)
K 2 Cornering Lights
K 3 Speed Alert & Trip Odometer
K A K2 + K3
L 1 Soft-Ray Tinted Glass
L 2 Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield
M 7 Rear Window Defroster
M 9 Heated Glass Rear Window Defroster
N 2 Four Note Horn
N 3 Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
NA N2 + N3
O 4 Door Guards
O 5 Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror
O A O4 + O5
P 1 Carpet Savers and Handy Mats
P 2 Carpet Savers
Q 4 Power Seat Six Way (Bench Only)
Q 5 Power Seat Four-Way Tilt Adjuster (Driver's Side Only on Bucket Seats)
R I Power Windows
S 6 Cruise Master
T 1 Electric Trunk Release
T 2 Electric Door Locks
T 3 Electric Door and Seat Locks
T A T1 + T2
T B T1 + T3
U 7 Mirror Map Light
V 2 Chrome Plated wheels
V 4 Super Deluxe Wheel Covers
W 3 Custom Body Side Moldings (Upper Front Fender and Upper Body Side)
X 3 Rim Blower Steering Wheel
Y 1 High Profile Wheel Opening Cover (No Cost)
EDITOR'S NOTE:  If anyone has the window price sheet for the 1969 and 1970 or the 1972 models, please send them to R.O.A. The R.O.A. Library needs copies of window price stickers, with prices, as well as any dealer price lists for the 1969 to the current models. Please send them to R.O.A. if you have them. We will gladly Xerox them and send your originals back to you. Thanks.
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