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Riviera Options and Prices
1972 RIVIERA SPORT COUPE 9487 VIN #4787   
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $5,149.O5
(Prices Not Available, but similar to 1971 prices)
STANDARD ENGINE: 455 cu. in., 250 hp, 1-4 Barrel, Code WF VIN Code U 
OPTIONAL ENGINE: 455 cu. in., 260 hp, 1-4 Barrel, Code WA VIN Code W
A 9  Riviera GS Option (includes Firm Ride and Handling Suspension, Performance Axle, Positive Traction Differential, Whitewall Tires, Chrome Plated Air Cleaner, Modified 4 bbl. High Performance Engine & Specific Ornamentation)
B 4  Full length Console (Bucket Seats Required)
C 2  Max Trac
C 4  Mini Console (N.A. With B4)
D 1  Sonomatic Radio
D 2  Sonomatic Radio and Stereo Tape Player Combined With Front and Rear Dual Speakers
D 3  AM-FM Stereophonic Radio and Stereo Tape Player Combined With Front and Rear Dual Speakers
D 4  AM-FM Stereophonic Radio With Front and Rear Dual Speakers)
D 5  AM-FM Radio
D 6  Rear Speaker (Single)
D C D1+D6
D G D5+D6
E 5  Exhaust Emission System (Required in Calif. only)
F 1 Whitewall Tires H78-15 (Included in A9)
F 9 Wide Oval Whitewall H70-15
G 1  Performance Axle with Positive Traction (Included in A9)
G 4 Positive Traction Differential (Included with A9)
H 1  Trailer Hauling Option (Heavy Duty Suspension, Springs, and Wheels))(N.A. With A9, H2 or H3)
H 2  Firm Ride and Handling (Heavy Duty Suspension Springs and Wheels) (Included in A9)
H 3  Automatic Level Control (N.A. with A9)
H 4  Maintenance Free Battery
I 3  Heavy Duty Engine and Transmission Cooling (Heavy Duty Radiator, Thermal Control Fan Drive and 55 AMP Delcotron)
I 5  Automatic Climate Control Air Conditioning System
I 6  Air Conditioner (Manual Controls)
J 3  Color Coordinated Custom Front & Rear Seat Belts & Front Shoulder Belts (Standard Trims Only)
K 2  Cornering Lights
K 3  Speed Alert & Trip Odometer
K 6  Finger Tip Windshield Washer Control (N.A. With B4)
L 1  Soft-Ray Tinted Glass
L 2  Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield
M 7  Rear Window Defroster
M 8  Engine Block Heater
M A M7 & M8
N 2  Four Note Horn
N 3  Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
N 5  Front Bumper Guards (N6 Required)
O 4  Door Guards
P 1  Carpet Savers and Handy Mats
P 2  Carpet Savers
Q 5  Power Bucket Seat Four Way
Q 6  Power Seat Six Way (Bench Only)
Q 7  Power Seat Six-Way (Driver Side Only 60/40 Trim)
Q 8  Power Seat 6-Way (Driver & Passenger 60/40 Trim)
R 1  Power Windows (Required on Custom Trims and Z8)
S 6  Cruise Master
T 1  Electric Trunk Release
T 2  Electric Door Locks
T 3  Electric Door and Seat Locks
T A  T1+T2
T B  T1+T3
U 5  Sun Shade Map Light (N.A. With Z8)
V 2  Chrome Plated wheels
V 4  Super Deluxe Wheel Covers
X 5  Wide Rocker Appearance Molding
Y 7  Short Vinyl Top
Z 8  Sun Roof (Electric) (R1 Required)
35  Special Car Order Paint
12  Trailer Hitch (less Ball)
13  Trailer Wiring Harness and Flasher
14  Heavy Duty Wheels for Trailer Towing (N.A. With V2)
**  Custom Trim-Notchback Front Scat, Deluxe Arm Rests, Assist Handles, Rear Custom Seat Back, Front Seat Back Molding, Custom Front Shoulder Belts & Custom Front and Rear Seat Belts (Power Windows Required)
**  Custom Trim Vinyl Bucket Seats, Assist Handles, Front and Rear Custom Seat Backs, Front Seat Back Moldings, Custom Front Shoulder Belts & Custom Front and Rear Seat Belts (Power Windows Required)
STANDARD lTEMS: Auto Transmission; power disc brakes; power steering; remote control outside mirror; tilt steering wheel; deluxe wheel covers; trunk light; courtesy light; electric clock; license plate frame; foam padded seats; dual exhaust; front fender and protective body side moulding.
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