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Riviera Options and Prices
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $9223.50
Factory Installed Accessories and Options
STANDARD ENGINE: 350 cu. in, 1-4 Barrel
403 C.I.D. (6.6 LITRES) 4 BBL V8
With stowaway spare or conventional spare $65.00
Air Conditioner $ Std.
Automatic Climate Control A/C System $679.00
Delete Air Conditioner ($591.00)
ANNIVERSARY BUICK, 75th - includes specific Designers' Accent Paint in black and silver, leather 50-50 seats, carpeting and seat belts all in gray. $586.00
Axles, Rear:
 2.73 Ratio $ N.C.
 3.08 Ratio $ N.C.
 3.23 Ratio $ N.C.
Positive Traction Differential $64.00
Brakes, Four-wheel Disc $199.00
Heavy Duty Engine and Transmission Cooling $25.00
Cruise Master $100.00
Electric Rear Window Defogger $97.00
DELCOTRON, 80 AMP (avail. w/V8 engines)
 - with air conditioning or heavy duty cooling $41.00
without air conditioning or heavy duty cooling $44.00
Electric Door Locks $ Std.
Automatic Electric Door Locks $57.00
Delete Electric Door Locks ($85.00)
California Assembly Line Emission Testing
(Required in Calif. only) $75.00
Engine Block Heater $14.00
Delete Soft Ray Tinted Glass ($79.00)
Four Note Horn $22.00
Cornering Lights $ Std.
Delete Cornering Lights ($47.00)
Front Carpet Savers with Inserts $24.00
Front & Rear Carpet Savers with Inserts $44.00
Remote Control Outside Rear View Sport Mirror-Right $34.00
Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror $46.00
Color Coordinated Protective Body Side Molding $58.00
Designers' Accent Paint $185.00
Solid Special Color (current) -Regular $147.00
 -Firemist $165.00
AM-FM Stereo Entertainment Radio, 8-track Tape Player & 40 Channel Citizens Band Transceiver w/Front & Rear Dual Speakers $444.00
AM-FM Stereo Radio w/8-track Tape Player, Digital Clock, Seek & Scan w/Front & Rear Speakers $275.00
Sun Roof-Electric Operation $695.00
Astroroof - Sliding (order by color) $895.00
6-way Power Seat $ Std.
Delete 6-way Power Seat ($158.00)
Electric Seatback ReclinerPassenger Side $113.00
Tilt Steering Column $73.00
Tilt & Telescoping Steering Column $88.00
Stripe, Body Side $50.00
Rally Ride & Handling $20.00
Automatic Level Control $130.00
Theft Deterrent System $130.00
GR78-15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Wide Whitewall $ Std.
GR7O-15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Wide Oval White Billboard Lettered $21.75
HR78-15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Whitewall $27.05
Tops, Vinyl Landau, Heavily Padded,
includes coach lamps $254.00
Long, Heavy Padded $196.00
Trim Carpeting, Trunk $58.00
Trunk Release, Electric $22.00
Wire Wheel Covers $ Std.
Chrome Plated Wheels $65.00
Custom Red Wire Wheel Covers $ N/C
Wire Spoke Wheels $600.00
Windshield Wiper - 3-speed with low speed delay $35.00
Automatic Level Control $ N/A
Power Windows $ Std.
Digital Clock $ Std.
Dome Reading Light $ Std.
AM/FM Stereo,
 Front & Rear Dual Speakers $ Std.
Sport Wheel $ Std.
NOTE: If you missed the issue with the option sheet on your model, just send a SASE to R.O.A. with your request.
Thanks to Steve Kulcher - Buick Motors Division for prices on the 1977 and 1978 Rivieras.
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