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Riviera Options and Prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $11,923
STANDARD ENGINE: 5.0 Litre, 307 ci, V‐8; OPTIONAL ENGINE: 5.7 Litre, 350 ci, V‐8,

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $12,433
AVAILABLE ENGINES: 5.0 Litre, 307 ci, V‐8 (No extra charge); 5.7 Litre, 350 ci, V‐8 (no extra charge)

Factory Installed Accessories and Options

A81 Electric Seatback ReclinerPassenger Side  $128.00
A90 Trunk Release, Electric  $27.00
AU4 Automatic Electric Door Locks  $69.00
B75 Trim Carpeting, Trunk  $27.00
B28 F & R Carpet Savers w/inserts  $62.00
B36 Trunk Floor Mat  $13.00
CA1 Sun Roof‐Electric Operation  $848.00
                          Astroroof ‐ Electric Sliding
                          (order by color) Silver, Green, Gold,
                          Shadowlight, Rose  $1,058.00
C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger  $109.00
C61 Automatic A/C System  $95.00
CD4 Windshield Wiper ‐ 3‐speed w/low speed delay  $42.00
CO4 Landau Top, Heavily Padded, includes coach lamps  $298.00
CO9 Long, Heavy Padded Vinyl Top includes coach lamps  $305.00
DG2 Electric Control Mirrors (Left & Right Remote)  $63.00
D74 Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror (Driver's side)  $63.00
DG7 Electric Control Sport Mirror‐Left & Right Remote  $63.00
D64 Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror (pass. side)  $51.00
                          Color Coordinated Protective Body Side Molding
                          Colors: White, Black, Blue, Green, Tan, Red, Gray  $64.00
D84 Designers' Accent Paint (N.A. w/body side stripes)  $209.00
D83 Solid Special Color ‐ Firemist  $186.00
FE2 Rally Ride & Handling (std. on S‐Type)  $22.00
JM8 Brakes, Four‐wheel Disc  $222.00
VO8 H. D. Engine & Transmission Cooling  $32.00
KO5 Engine Block Heater  $16.00
K30 Cruise Master  $118.00
K73 DELCOTRON, 70 AMP (avail. w/V8)  $15.00
N33 Tilt Steering Column  $83.00
N34 Sport Wheel (std. on S Type)  $35.00
N37 Tilt & Telescoping Steering Column  $131.00
                          Stripe, Body Side  $56.00
N91 Custom Wire Wheel Covers  $166.00
QCX GR7O‐15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Wide Oval Whitewall (std. on S‐Type)  $31.00
QJW P205/75 R 15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Whitewall  $31.00
UO9 Four Note Horn  $25.00
UM7 Signal Seeking AM‐FM Stereo Radio w/Digital Readout  $185.00
UU1 AM‐FM Stereo Full Feature Radio  $208.00
UM2 8 Track Tape & AM/FM Stereo Radio  $81.00
UM4 8 Track Tape & Signal Seeking AM/FM Stereo Radio With Digital Readout $298.00
UU3 8 Track Tape & AM/FM Stereo Full Feature Radio  $289.00
UM6 Cassette Tape & Signal Seeking AM/FM Stereo w/Digital Clock  $325.00
UN3 Cassette & AM/FM Stereo Radio  $94.00
UU2 Cassette Tape & AM/FM Stereo Full Feature Radio  $302.00
UP6 CB & AM/FM Stereo Radio (includes Antenna U83)  $290.00
UP1 CB, 8 Track Tape & AM/FM Stereo (incl. antenna U83)  $360.00
UM3 Signal Seeking CB & AM/FM Stereo w/Digital Clock (incl. antenna U83)  $473.00
UM5 Signal Seeking CB, 8 Track Tape & Signal Seeking AM/FM Stereo w/Digital Clock
                          (incl. antenna U83)  $587.00
UN5 Signal Seeking CB, Cassette Tape & Signal Seeking AM/FM Stereo w/Digital Clock
                          (incl. antenna U83)  $613.00
U83 Triband Power Antenna
                          (incl. w/CB radios)  $42.00
UL5 AM/FM Stereo Radio Deletion  $164.00
UA6 Theft Deterrent System  $146.00
U41 Low Fuel Indicator  $18.00
UR3 Fuel Usage Light (L34 eng. req.)  $32.00
CD2 Windshield Washer Fluid Indicator  $11.00
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery  $22.00
C93 Coach Lamps (incl w/vinyl tops)  $92.00
U46 Monitors, Front & Rear  $67.00
NOTE: If you missed the issue with the option sheet on your model, just send a S.A.S.E. to R.O.A. with your request.
Thanks to Steve Kulcher ‐ Buick Motors Division for prices on the 1979 and 1980 Rivieras.
C96 Courtesy & Reading Lamp (rear quarter)  $45.00
T82 Twilight Sentinel  $51.00
C97 Illuminated Door Lock & Interior Light Control  $62.00
TT5 Tungsten Halogen Upper Beam Headlamps (std. on S‐Type)  $27.00
WG2 Chrome Plated Wheels (4)  $130.00
1979 and 1980 Standard Equipment:
Power Steering,
A/C Manual Controls,
Automatic Transmission,
Power Brakes,
Automatic Level Control,
Remote Control RR View Mirrors,
Electric Door Locks,
Power Seat ‐ 6‐way driver's side,
Power Windows,
AM/FM Stereo Radio,
Cornering Lights,
Power Antenna,
And More
1979 S‐Type Package:
Fast Ratio Steering
RaIlye Ride & Handling Suspension
Wide Oval Narrow Stripe Tires GR‐70‐15
Cloth or Vinyl Bucket Seats
Storage Console
Sport Mirrors
Deluxe Steering Wheel
Sport Wheel Covers
Black Molding Trim & Dash
NEW FOR 1980:
New Interior fabrics,
Newly styled, outside, rearview mirrors,
Engine compartment light standard,
Twilight Sentinel headlight control available,
New AM/FM stereo Full‐feature radio available,
New cassette tape player and Am/FM stereo Full Feature radio available,
New 8‐track tape player with AM/FM stereo signal‐seeking radio with digital clock
and Triband power antenna available, New chrome‐plated road wheels available,
Bumper guards ‐ front and rear standard.
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