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2013 Award Winners

First Place:
1963, Blue, owned by Jerry & Rosie Hattaway, West Monroe, LA
Class Awards:
1963, Gold, owned by Michael  & Linda Weddell, Brownsburg, IN
1963, Silver, owned by Reed & Dianna Reamsnyder, Curtice, OH

First Place:
1964, Tan, owned by Larry & Dawn McFarland, Frostburg, MD
Class Awards:
1964, Blue, owned by John & Melanie Bodette, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
1964, White, owned by Bob & Jeannie Stemm, Flint, MI
1965, Blue, owned by Paul Cox, Kenosha, WI

First Place:
1969, Burgundy, owned by Pat Curran, Monroe, NC
Class Awards:
1966, Black, owned by Paul & Sylvia Baehl, Evansville, IN
1968, Gold, owned by Richard & Kathryn Yarmain, Ann Arbor, MI
1969, Green, owned by Don Sinclair, Cross Plains, TN

First Place:
1971, Burgundy, owned by Albert & Kathie  Anderson, Rochester Hills, MI
Class Awards:
1973, Cream, owned by Mark & Ying Lammlein, Navarre, OH
1971, Brown, owned by Stephen Greer, Toledo, OH
1972, Gold, owned by David & Linda Froelich, Loxahatchee, FL

First Place:
1975, Silver, owned by Gary & Shannon  Mintz, Cambridge, Ontario
Class Awards:
1977, Red, Richard & Irene Moran, Brooksville, FL
1978, Two tone tan, owned by Gary & Sharon Underwood, Stockton, IL

First Place:
1984, Red, owned by Fred & Janice Trasport, Conway, SC
Class Awards:
1985, Blue, owned by Ester Stoll, Lawrenceburg, IN
1981, Beige, owned by Rick & Dana Reed, Lebanon, OH
1985, Blue, owned by Ralph & Lois Eckert, Mechanicsburg, PA

First Place:
1992, Blue, owned by Dave Shipman, Weymouth, MA
Class Awards:
1991 White, owned by Wayne & Barbara Pilkinton, Nolensville, TN
1993, White owned by Randall & Gwyn Crain, Sophia, NC
1993, Blue, owned by Linda Raner, Shawnee, KS

First Place:
1999 Silver Arrow, owned by Clair & Linda Mc Lean, Windsor, Ontario
Class Awards:
1995,  Black, owned by Randall & Gwyn Crain, Sophia, NC
1997, White, owned by Bob & Joyce Norton, Shorewood, IL
1998, White, owned by Roy & Sharon Newby, Plainfield, IN

Gran Sport
First Place:
1966, Red, owned by Barry Smith, Morgantown, WV
Class Awards:
1965, Black, owned by Bobby  Kamizeles, Dyer, IN
1971, Silver, owned by Brian & Rebekah Sherman, Beavercreek, OH

First Place:
1984, Firemist Red, owned by George  & Debbie Hartnett, Festus, MO
Class Awards:
1982, White, owned by TJ Rinn, St Louis, MO
1983, White, owned by Jim & Donna Gowanlock, Washago, Ontario

Modified/ Custom
First Class:
1965, Black & gray, owned by Larry & Marie Lovell, Knoxville, TN
Class Awards:
1963, Red, owned by Mike & Jane Jones, Peotone, IL
1968, Orange, owned by Steven & Irene Brisbois, Live Oak, FL
1973, Black, owned by Croy & Patricia Harris, Amesville, OH (Tied)
1964, Bronze, owned by Patrick Sessions, Miami, FL (Tied)

First Place:
1966, Gold, owned by Mike McKinley, Grove City, OH
Class Awards:
1967, Blue, owned by Sherri  & Tim Holzhaver, Crown Point, IN
1967, Gray, owned by Huey Jenkins Jr, Franklin, LA

Best of Show
1965 Gran Sport, Blue, owned by Al & Cheryl Schmidt, Mt Horeb, WI

Best Original/ Unrestored   ‘63 (selected by committee)
1963, Sand, owned by Glenn & Sandra  Roberts, Moyock, NC

Long Distance
2,507 miles in a 1992 from Tenino, WA, owned and driven by Marty Hillman. This is the third time in the past four years that Marty has won this award.

Long Distance in a Riviera 35 years or Older
1,814 miles in a 1971 from Etna, WY, owned and driven by Gene Pike.  Gene’s 1971 was the Best of Show winner last year in Monterey.


Winner’s Circle

The Winner’s Circle award, established in 1991, was designed to encourage fresh competition each year. The winners of Best of Show and First Place at National ROA meets would be exempt from judging for a period of three years. To encourage the return of these cars during this three-year period, a special black glass award is presented to the car, when displayed at the National ROA meet. This year the following First Place award winners from 2010 - 2012 were on display.

Branson, MO 2011
Carl Blackard, 1964, 1963-65 Class
David LaVoisne, 1965, Gran Sport Class
Gil Volling, 1983, Convertible Class

Monterey, CA, 2012
Florie Mielke, 1967, 1967-70 Class
Gene Pike, 1971, Best of Show



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