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Evolution of the Riviera - 1967

by Ray Knott #1

Originally published in The Riview Vol. 18, No. 6 Sept./Oct. 2002

430 CID engine with "Star Wars" air cleaner.

The biggest change for 1967 was the introduction of the 430 ci V-8 rated at 360 hp. Gone was the 401-425 "nailhead" that had been used in Buicks since 1953. Although the 430 was the only engine offered in the Riviera, Wildcat and Electra, Buick also offered a smaller 400 ci version rated at 340 hp, which was used in the Skylark/Special body GS series. The two engines were virtually identical except for the size of the bore, pistons, rings, etc. They both had a compression ratio of 10.25:1 and used the Rochester Quadrajet carburetor. The GS option included a unique red fiberglass ram air style air cleaner; commonly know as the "Star Wars" a/c. (For a three page article detailing the changes in the 430 over the 401-425 send a SASE to ROA) The transmission remained unchanged and for the first time front disc brakes by Bendix were available.
The body design of the Riviera remained unchanged expect for several minor differences. The most visible change was in the grille, which now included a thick chrome horizontal bar, which ran from fender to fender across the center of the grille and parking lights. The block "Riviera" letters on the hood was replaced with the standard "Riviera" script positioned on the lower left corner of the hood. In the rear the body paint around the taillight was painted body color instead of silver as in '66. The "GS" emblems on the fenders now had a stylistic slant replacing the block "GS" letters used in '66. The standard wheel cover was new, while the spinner was removed from the '66 style wire cover. The chrome wheel and cap was unchanged.

Note horizontal bar in grill and Riviera script on hood.
The only changes made in the interior were in the seat patterns and the styling of the standard door panels. The standard interior was available in either a plain bench or bucket seat with horizontal stitching. The standard bench or bucket seats were available in either black or dove vinyl, with flat door panels and short arm rests. There were three optional interiors, all of which had the same distinctive door panel introduced in '66. The bench seat with a folding armrest and seat backs similar to the bucket seat was offered in all vinyl or fabric and vinyl. The all vinyl was available in green, black, plum or white, while the fabric was available in either champagne or black. The optional bucket seat was available in blue, saddle, black or aqua vinyl. A full operating console or a short storage console was offered with the bucket seats. Headrests were also available on all seats.

Area around taillight is painted body color, spinners removed from the wire wheel covers.
The list price on the '67 increased $45 to $4,469.00; and although the Riviera out sold all other Buick models the sales fell to 42,799. Air conditioning that listed at $421 was installed in 84.7% and power windows were installed in 81.1% at a cost of $105.25. Disc brakes cost only $78.94 but were only ordered in 6% of the Rivieras. Headrests listed for $42 on the standard bench and $52.63 for the bucket and Strato-Bench seats.

Total Production
Engine Size

(Includes 4,837 GS Handling Option)

430 cu. in. V8
Curb Weight

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