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Evolution of the Riviera - 1992-93

by Ed Gunyo #101

Originally published in The Riview Vol. 23, No. 4 July/August 2007

The last of the smaller sweep back Rivieras

92-93 Riviera Picture

The 1992 Riviera continued the styling change initiated in 1989. The standard features remained the same as 1991, except for the new solar control glass, which helped with reflection problems. Dynaride, driver’s-side air bag and the new theft-deterrent system called Pass-Key was also standard. Optional equipment continued to include an electric sliding sunroof, compact disc player, and the Gran Touring Package suspension which included 15-inch aluminum wheels, fast-ratio power steering and P215/65R15 Eagle GT+4 blackwall tires.

New Riviera colors for 1992 were Dark Jadestone Metallic, Chamois, Light Driftwood Metallic and Pewter Gray Metallic.
Mechanically, the power was again the tuned port injected 3800 V-6 with the electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission.

Recalls were minimal due to continued good service with the redesigned Riviera. The NHTSA recalls were as follows: 05/31/95, component - seat belts, front webbing; units affected, 11,334.

There were 12,324 cars produced. MSRP was $25,415, a premium price at the time.

The marketing theme in 1992 was Buick quality, design, engineering and seamless flow of power. Indeed, the 1992 Riviera lived up to those qualities as the Great American Road Car.

The 1993 Riviera was the last year of the dramatic body change that began in 1989. The production was very brief and ended in December, 1992 with the anticipation of the premiere of the totally new 1995 Riviera planned for a 1994 release. Not surprisingly, changes to the 1993 were few. A new combination of white diamond exterior color and lower accent paint along with white leather interior was available, along with the new beige interior color.

Recalls again were minimal. The recall of the front seat belt webbing was the same as in 1992.
Overall, the marketing theme of 1993 was Buick Celebrating 90 years of Quality by Design. Production was just 4,555 units at a sticker price of $26,230. Today there are many 1993 Rivieras on the road due to improved rust protection and the reliable 3800 V-6.

There was no 1994 Riviera because
of the 1995 model’s early release.

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